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Statistics from the US Department of Transportation show more than 700,000 registered motor carriers are traversing our highways and roads. These trucks, which can be packed with everything from bricks and stone to dog food and grocery items, keep thousands of American businesses afloat. For business owners shipping these products across the country, precise planning and high-level tracking are required. But with increasing rates and a wide range of delays to overcome, overseeing a shipment of LTL freight is easier said than done.

For overworked business owners, managing multiple shipments can seem impossible in today's freight landscape. But the reality is that many businesses rely on less-than-truckload shipments to keep their doors open. When these shipments are compromised, their business is too. But there's a viable solution: LTL freight brokers in Oakland, CA like RelyEx provide reliable solutions to common LTL shipment problems, eliminating the stress and worry of LTL shipping.

With more than 30 combined years of LTL experience and a solutions-oriented team, RelyEx is your go-to choice for streamlined, efficient LTL shipping services. To understand the true value of RelyEx's less-than-truckload shipping options, it helps to understand first what LTL shipping is and why it's used.

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ShippingThe Basics of LTL Freight Shipping

In the freight industry, LTL stands for "less-than-truckload." It is a widely-used method of transportation for smaller shipments that don't require the space of a full truckload. In an LTL shipment, several customers' loads are placed onto one truck, which helps reduce how much it costs to ship those products.

In fact, if your freight doesn't fill an entire trailer but weighs 150-15,000 lbs., LTL freight shipping in Oakland, CA, may be the most efficient, cost-conscious way to transport your products. That's because, in an LTL setup, you're only paying for the space your freight takes up. LTL shipping companies like RelyEx optimize LTL loads by choosing the most efficient routes at the best rates so your cargo gets to where it needs to go without any issues.

Business owners often choose LTL freight services in the following circumstances:

  • When freight is dense, large, or bulky
  • Freight exceeds a weight of 150 pounds
  • Crated or palletized shipments
  • When freight passes through distribution centers and local terminals
  • When a cost-effective freight solution is needed
  • When an entire tractor-trailer isn't needed for shipments

When it comes to LTL delivery options, there are a lot to choose from. But not every LTL broker is created equally. Some LTL companies do not have the tools or technology to track your shipments and optimize your routes. In worst-case scenarios, they may not be insured or reliable. If you're looking for an experienced LTL carrier that exceeds expectations with time-tested strategies and innovative technologies, look no further than RelyEx.

DifferenceThe RelyEx Difference

With more than two decades of experience in LTL operations, our team utilizes the power of GlobalTranz to compare rates across hundreds of approved carriers in the blink of an eye, while also providing the most cost-effective options for moving your freight. When you choose RelyEx for LTL shipping, you can leverage our expert team to handle your shipments. You can also manage the process yourself via GTZShip, which is Globaltranz's user-friendly management system. With GTZShip, you can access and compare LTL shipping rates, track your shipments, and manage your financials, all from one intuitive platform.

When it comes to LTL freight in Oakland, CA, clients trust their products with RelyEx for many reasons, including the following:

 No-Cost LTL Freight Oakland, CA
 LTL Freight Management Oakland, CA

Industry-Leading Rates

Because GTZShip keeps outsized freight available, it can negotiate the best LTL rates on your behalf. Our clients can access these extra-low rates in one of two ways:

  • Work directly with our team of LTL shipping experts
  • Book your freight directly through GTZShip

Regardless of the option you choose, RelyEx's knowledgeable customer care reps will cover all of your LTL shipping options, so you can make an informed shipping and purchasing decision for your freight.

No-Cost LTL Freight Management Technology

Yes, you read that right - in addition to giving you access to industry-leading rates, RelyEx's partnership with GTZShip gives you full management of your freight. We're talking about access to reporting, tracking, and much more. This extensive visibility is essentially a one-stop shop for everything related to the status of your freight.

Unlike some LTL shipping software, this system requires no contracts or signup fees, making it simple to provide quotes and book immediately when you're ready. Whether you use GTZShip directly or rely on our team to book your freight, your company will always have access to this free technology.

 LTL Company Oakland, CA
 LTL Shipping Oakland, CA

Commitment to the Customer and Quality

While it's true that RelyEx provides customers with the best rates and technology in the LTL industry, we go above and beyond the normal call of duty. Why? Because we strive to treat your shipment as if it's our most important one. Put simply, we put a lot of time and effort into making sure we do things right the first time around. Our fierce commitment to the customer and to quality protects not only your reputation, but your bottom line by preventing lost customers and sales.

RelyEx excels at LTL shipping because we are:

  • Proactive problem solvers
  • Reliable partners who manage your LTL freight from beginning to end
  • Partners with strong vendor relationships
  • Attuned to client needs, with 30+ years of combined experience on the client side
  • Committed to accuracy, promptness of information, and transparency with every transaction

From dedicated LTL solutions to transactional relationships, RelyEx is here to help. Unlike other LTL companies, we get the job done right with customer-focused service, industry expertise, and Globaltranz's industry-leading Transportation Management System.

Expertise and Reliability When You Need It Most

Our dedicated team of LTL specialists provides you with the best freight visibility available, whether you need a few shipments a week or you need hundreds. In order to do so, we communicate with carriers throughout the entire shipping process, so you know your items are delivered on time. Though rare, if we spot an issue, we'll provide you with an alternative solution immediately.

Plus, if you have large quantities that need to be shipped, our team is happy to provide you with customized reporting for free. That way, you can access at-the-moment updates and important shipment documentation with a few clicks or taps.

 Shipping LTL Freight Oakland, CA

Popular Methods of Shipping LTL Freight in Oakland, CA

Depending on where and how often you ship LTL freight, your broker may choose a regional or national LTL carrier. Regional carriers often service a group of states within a region. National carriers have a larger footprint and can often eliminate the need to use several carriers for your shipments. RelyEx has the infrastructure and strategies for all of your LTL shipping - contact our office today to learn more about your options.

Though regional and national carriers are different, they often use similar models for shipping. Two of the most popular types of shipping methods include hub and spoke distribution and LTL consolidation.

 LTL Shipping Partner Oakland, CA

What is Hub and Spoke LTL Freight Shipping?

In this traditional model, your shipments go through a network of warehouses, terminals, and hub facilities where your products are grouped with other shipments. Your freight then travels to local "spokes" (or terminals), where they are delivered. If you need to ship freight over short distances, this model may be a good choice to consider.

Some common benefits of the hub and spoke model include:

  • Economical and efficient
  • Improved pickup times
  • More regular delivery times
  • More visibility and easy tracking
LTL Freight Shipping Oakland, CA
 No-Cost LTL Freight Oakland, CA

What is Consolidated LTL Freight Shipping?

LTL consolidated shipping is a model where LTL carriers bring several shipments from different shippers to a final destination. Instead of using hubs and spokes along the shipping route to bundle freight and move cargo, LTL consolidation works by taking multiple shipments and turning them into a single truckload. This truck then makes multiple stops, where your products are delivered.

Some of the most common benefits of LTL consolidation include:

  • Less freight handling
  • Good for fragile or large freight
  • Fewer claims
  • Less cargo damage
  • Cost-effective pricing

At RelyEx, our goal is to expertly manage the movement of your freight so you can focus on your core business. With more than 20 years of combined experience with LTL freight shipping in Oakland, CA, our team can select the most efficient and cost-effective model for your needs. That way, you can accomplish your day-to-day tasks while we handle the heavy lifting and any logistical challenges.

An LTL Shipping Partner You Can Trust

At RelyEx, we believe that trustworthy, comprehensive, and streamlined LTL shipping options are better for your business. And for us, what's better for your business is better for ours. That's why, when it comes to LTL shipping, we work tirelessly to ensure every aspect of your freight experience is embedded excellence. We take this unique approach because our management were once customers like you. They were people who, for one reason or another, had to deal with frustrating and often unsolved shipping and logistics challenges. Today, we take pride in solving those challenges and only partner with carriers who match our high standards.

If you're looking for an LTL company in Oakland, CA that prioritizes customer service, strong communication, and proactive thinking, we're here to help you avoid delayed shipments and missed expectations.

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Latest News in Oakland, CA

D-Backs 5, Athletics 3: Rubber Meets the Oakland Road

For those that fell asleep late in last night’s game (including myself who succumbed to the melatonin around the eighth inning) and woke up to a very confusing notification from last night’s debacle, feel free to torture yourself with Spencer’s recap of the ugliness here. You’d be forgiven for thinking the Diamondbacks had a handle on the game given the Athletic’s struggling ...

For those that fell asleep late in last night’s game (including myself who succumbed to the melatonin around the eighth inning) and woke up to a very confusing notification from last night’s debacle, feel free to torture yourself with Spencer’s recap of the ugliness here. You’d be forgiven for thinking the Diamondbacks had a handle on the game given the Athletic’s struggling offense, but they did not in fact have a handle on it. Regardless, it would have been understandable for the D-Backs to struggle emotionally after an extra-innings heartbreak combined with a getaway day game in front of all 10 fans in attendance. Instead, we got a well-played, well-pitched, and well-defended game that went for the D-Backs.

Folks, I think Christian Walker is kinda good. I know, I’m really going out on a limb here /s. After a routine first inning for the D-Backs involving a Josh Rojas groundout, Geraldo Perdomo popout, and Corbin Carroll strikeout, Walker had a 10-pitch battle that he won with a frozen rope to the left field bleachers for an early 1-0 D-Backs lead. That represented nearly the totality of the D-Backs offense through the first five innings. They only managed two baserunners after that home run in the form of a Jose Herrera walk in the third and a Dominic Fletcher hustle double in the fifth. There was plenty of hard-hit balls, but the Oakland defense – especially in the outfield – was up to the task and stole several base hits away from D-Backs’ hitters.

Unfortunately for the A’s, there’s no defense against a walk and that’s exactly what Luis Medina did to Geraldo Perdomo in the visitor’s half of the sixth ahead of “The Barrell” Carroll. Corbin lived up to his nickname in this at-bat as he absolutely hammered a middle-middle fastball 405 feet to direct center that eluded Esteury Ruiz to extend the D-Backs lead 3-0. Speaking of walks, Ryne Nelson had arguably his best performance of the season heading into the sixth inning as he had allowed just two baserunners through the first five frames on just 56 pitches. Regrettably, whether it was physical or mental, Nelson really struggled in the sixth inning – getting just one out and walking the bases loaded before yielding to newly-recalled Luis Frias.

I can only imagine the kinds of nerves that a player can have entering a close game with the bases loaded and less than two outs. But you would never have guessed based on Frias’ performance as he induced an infield popup from slugger Brent Rooker and a routine groundout from JJ Bleday to snuff out the threat, keep the shutout intact, and keep Nelson in line for a win. Despite the laudable Houdini performance by Frias in the sixth, he immediately struggled in the seventh as he gave up back-to-back walks to Carlos Perez and Jace Peterson ahead of Ramon Laureano who promptly deposited a four-seamer into the left-center seats to tie the game 3-3. That ended up being Frias’ final pitch and was certainly not the most inspiring way to end his outing as he yielded to Kyle Nelson.

Sadly, the second D-Backs Nelson was not quite as sharp as the first Nelson as he quickly allowed a single to Tony Kemp and his .169 BA who then advanced on a sac bunt from Nick Allen. That’s when the game got a little squirrelly as Ruiz looped a ball into center. Dominic Fletcher then collected and fired an absolute dart to Herrera on a single hop in time to tag Kemp for the second out. The A’s challenged the play arguing that Herrera blocked the plate and didn’t give Kemp a clear enough lane before catching the ball. FWIW, I think they had a legitimate argument, but New York upheld the play based on the following replay:

The D-Backs would mount another threat in the next half-inning on the backs of a pinch-hit version of Ketel Marte single and Perdomo walk ahead of a Carroll ground-out that advanced the runners to second and third. Regrettably, Mark Kotsay made the perfect move by inserting Shintaro Fujinami into the game to relieve Sam Moll and who quickly repeated his performance from last night to strikeout Walker to end the threat. Luckily, dear Reader, the D-Backs had one more rally in them for the night - begun, of course, with a leadoff Lourdes Gurriel Jr double who advanced on a Pavin Smith flyout.

“Just as one Taketh, so much as one shall Giveth” said the Baseball g-ds.

And just as Kotsay made the perfect play in the last half-inning, he made the wrong one in the ninth as he intentionally walked Fletcher to pitch to Emmanuel Rivera who promptly earned a walk to load the bases. The D-Backs would strike twice on a Herrera sac fly and a looping single line drive from Marte, but it still felt like a missed opportunity given the see-saw nature of this series. Evidently, Miguel Castro had seen enough of the Athletics for this moment and dispatched the bottom of the ninth in just eleven pitches to earn the game and series victory.

While it’s hard to argue with the results of the series victory, the aesthetics (or vibes if you will) feel off in some way as you’d hope a team with playoff aspirations like the D-Backs would be more easily be able to dispatch a team in deep rebuild mode - both on-and-off the field. It also seems to be a pattern in which this D-Backs team plays to its competition rather than its potential, but that’s more anecdotal than anything at this point given their .600 record against teams with records below .500. Regardless, it was an emotional win for these young players and we have to hope they can keep the good times rolling as they have a weekend series against the Pirates after a much-needed day off.




A ‘cabinet of curiosities’ bookstore is coming to Oakland

If there’s one overarching theme in Timothy Don’s life, it’s the love of ideas. Don has a graduate degree in the history of ideas from the New School for Social Research, was instrumental in starting Lapham’s Quarterly, where he’s currently the art editor, and he founded the Oakland Book Festival, a free celebration of books and ideas that was held annually at Oakland City Hall from 2015 to 2017.Don’s latest vision is to...

If there’s one overarching theme in Timothy Don’s life, it’s the love of ideas. Don has a graduate degree in the history of ideas from the New School for Social Research, was instrumental in starting Lapham’s Quarterly, where he’s currently the art editor, and he founded the Oakland Book Festival, a free celebration of books and ideas that was held annually at Oakland City Hall from 2015 to 2017.

Don’s latest vision is to offer Oakland a new literary space which he describes as a “cabinet of curiosities.” Clio’s bookstore and bar is a gathering space dedicated to the history of ideas tucked away in a 1910 building at the corner of Perkins and Grand Avenue in the bustling Adams Point neighborhood. Don describes the space as “phenomenal,” but getting it ready has not been easy.

As Don was refurbishing the building last year, an Oakland fire engine crashed into the building, which includes residences on the upper floors. The truck was en route to a fire and swerved to avoid a car that was making a left turn onto Grand. Three of the five firefighters aboard suffered moderate injuries. The collision ruptured the building’s water main and flooded the subterranean level—where Clio’s is.

“It was a real setback, both temporally and spiritually,” he said. “Thank God we weren’t open.”

Once the shop finally does open to the public, Don plans on offering some sort of “fireman’s special” to honor the public servants who were hurt in the line of duty.

Clio’s is named after the Greek muse of history, and the way the books are being organized is, as far as Don knows, a first. The cataloging is chronological, beginning at, well, the beginning of time. Visitors can select a historical period they’re interested in and enjoy its “timeline of culture,” including books on philosophy, natural science, fiction, drama, poetry, art, and design. The only types of books Don says you won’t find: cookbooks and self-help.

“Other than that, there’s no book we won’t happily accept,” he said.

Don also promises “special twists” and “little hidden secrets throughout,” things like a book by the political philosopher Karl Marx among books about the U.S. Civil War (Marx was writing at that time). Next to these might be a copy of the contemporary novel about the Civil War, Cold Mountain. Next to Beowulf might be a copy of the Quran; the former was written only 12 years after the death of Mohammad. To Kill a Mockingbird will be shelved both in the time period in which it was set, the 1930s, and the date it was published: 1960. Some thematic pairings are a hoot—a work by Erasmus on the subject of manners might find itself next to a book by Emily Post.

“It’s fun to learn things,” Don said, and he would like nothing more than to have people disappear into the stacks.

Once they’re done setting up, the approximately 1,900 square foot space will feature a bar, high-top tables and booths, a community table, and even a small room dedicated to erotica. Drinks will be named after writers and food will be small plates designed for sharing. Coffee service will be offered in the morning.

Part of the space will be dedicated to events featuring authors, philosophers, and poets. The space will be ADA accessible, and Don intends to utilize the sidewalk space across from Lakeside Park for outdoor tables and games.

Clio’s has already hosted three authors’ nights, underground events that were marketed through word of mouth, and all were well attended. Even though the space was raw, and lacking food and drink, tickets went quickly and the crowds were enthusiastic.

One thing you will definitely not find at Clio’s will be screens or QR codes. “Conversation-based” interaction is what Don is committed to encouraging.

Right now, the space is filled floor to ceiling with boxes of books yet to be categorized and shelved. Don said his goal is to have 10,000 titles eventually.

And where do the books come from? “Getting books is not the problem,” said Don. Lots of people have donated their libraries to the shop. One wall of art books was recently donated by Creative Growth, a local organization that is a leader in the field of arts and disabilities. Don also recently purchased an entire personal library at an estate sale in Orinda.

Clio’s business model is to sell books in-store and online, offer visitors food and drink, and host private event rentals. They also plan on offering a membership program with various benefits. Don envisions everything from birthday parties to end-of-life celebrations. He stresses his desire to have the space be accessible, warm, intimate—and rigorous, but not elitist. His curatorial team includes journalists, writers, artists, philosophers, historians, and scientists.

“The cultural capital here is bonkers,” Don said about Oakland and the East Bay. “Let’s draw people together and see what happens.”

The building in which Clio’s is housed has a long history. Past tenants included Coffee with a Beat, a coffee shop run for 16 years by the former Oakland Tech baseball coach Nate Smith, a tailor, an East Asian retail store, and a beauty salon. The longest commercial tenant occupying the space was a massage parlor and spa. Still hanging on the side of the building is an unusual sign with a musical clef and a clock with the words “Mei Lan Building.” Although no one seems to be able to explain the sign’s origins, it will be restored after having fallen during the fire truck crash.

Don and his partners are working hard at the moment to install the bar and kitchen and add more bookshelves. He hopes to finish the buildout by August and open in September or October.

Clio’s will feature one programmatic theme each year to provide the focus for weekly discussions. The theme for the first inaugural year? Friendship, offering books on the subject that predate the bible to recent works like Elena Ferrante’s bestselling novels.

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C.J. Hirschfield

C.J. Hirschfield served for 17 years as Executive Director of Children’s Fairyland, where she was charged with the overall operation of the nation’s first storybook theme park. Prior to that, she served as an executive in the cable television industry, She penned a weekly column for the Piedmont Post for 13 years, wrote regularly for Oakland Local, and has contributed to KQED’s Perspectives series. She now writes for and Splash Pad News. She holds a degree in Film and Broadcasting from Stanford University.

Injuries & Moves: Miller diagnosed with UCL sprain

May 16: RHP Mason Miller diagnosed with UCL sprain After receiving a second opinion from Dr. Keith Meister on Tuesday, Miller was diagnosed with a sprain of his ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. The A's ...

May 16: RHP Mason Miller diagnosed with UCL sprain After receiving a second opinion from Dr. Keith Meister on Tuesday, Miller was diagnosed with a sprain of his ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. The A's No. 2 prospect per MLB Pipeline will remain shut down from throwing until he is fully asymptomatic and there is currently no timetable for a return, though the A's expect him to pitch again at some point this season.

May 15: RHP Adrián Martínez reinstated from IL; RHP Zach Neal optioned to Triple-A After making two rehab appearances with Triple-A Las Vegas, Martínez was reinstated from the 15-day injured list prior to Monday’s game against the D-backs and will be available to provide multiple innings out of the A’s bullpen.

Neal returns to Las Vegas after allowing three runs on four hits over two relief appearances with the A’s.

All A's transactions

RHP Mason Miller (right UCL sprain) Expected return: TBD Miller was diagnosed with a sprain of his ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. Miller will be shut down from throwing until he is asymptomatic and there is currently no timetable for his return, though the A's expect him to pitch again at some point this season. (Last updated: May 16)

RHP Paul Blackburn (right middle fingernail avulsion) Expected return: TBD Blackburn threw a side session May 11 and manager Mark Kotsay said the plan was for him to throw 45 pitches Sunday for Triple-A Las Vegas. Blackburn has spent the entire season on the injured list. (Last updated: May 11)

OF Seth Brown (left oblique) Expected return: Mid-to-late May Brown will begin a rehab assignment with Triple-A Las Vegas on May 13. Manager Mark Kotsay expects Brown to need about a week before possibly returning to the active roster. Brown sustained a Grade 2 left oblique strain during a check swing in the A's loss vs. the Rays on April 8, hitting the injured list two days later. He led Oakland in home runs (25) and RBIs (73) in 2022. (Last updated: May 11)

RHP Trevor May (anxiety-related issues) Expected return: Late May May began a Minor League rehab assignment with Triple-A Las Vegas on May 2. While the A's are encouraged by May's return to baseball, they do plan to work him back slowly into competition at a pace with which he feels comfortable before establishing a target date for his return to the big league club. (Last updated: May 2)

RHP Adrián Martínez (strained right elbow) Expected return: TBD MRI results on Martínez's elbow revealed some inflammation near his forearm area, but no structural damage. Martínez was shut down from throwing for five days beginning on the day he received the MRI (April 24), with A's manager Mark Kotsay saying the club will have a better idea as to when the right-hander could return once he begins throwing again. (Last updated: April 26)

C Manny Piña (left wrist inflammation) Expected return: TBD Piña was transferred to the 60-day injured list after being taken off his rehab assignment. Manager Mark Kotsay said the doctor’s evaluation was to stop baseball activity. Piña received a platelet-rich plasma injection and will need time to recover. (Last updated: May 11)

RHP Dany Jiménez (strained right shoulder) Expected return: TBD Jiménez was transferred from the 15-day injured list to the 60-day IL on April 19 with a right shoulder strain. The placement is retroactive to April 17. Manager Mark Kotsay said Jiménez will be shut down from throwing for "up to six weeks" and that there is no timetable for his return at this time. (Last updated: April 19)

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RHP Daulton Jefferies (Tommy John surgery) Expected return: Possibly late 2023 Jefferies, who was already out for the season after undergoing thoracic outlet syndrome surgery on June 13, received a tough setback as the club revealed he underwent Tommy John surgery on Sept. 9 with Dr. Neal ElAttrache in Los Angeles. A's head trainer Nick Paparesta said Jefferies is looking at a recovery time of about 16 months.

Though this marks the second time Jefferies has undergone the procedure -- he also underwent Tommy John surgery in 2017 -- Paparesta pointed to recent success stories of pitchers with two Tommy John surgeries such as Dodgers star Walker Buehler as a reason for optimism that Jefferies could make his way back to a Major League mound. (Last updated: Sept. 11)

RHP Freddy Tarnok (right arm discomfort) Expected return: TBA Tarnok, Oakland’s No. 7 prospect, came away from his outing against Team Colombia on March 8 feeling a tingling sensation in his right thumb and has not pitched since. The right-hander is shut down from throwing as he undergoes further diagnostic testing. The A's transferred him from the 15-day injured list to the 60 on April 13 to free up a roster spot after acquiring reliever Richard Lovelady. (Last updated: April 13)

LHP Kirby Snead (left shoulder strain) Expected return: Late May Snead came away from his Cactus League debut on Feb. 25 feeling discomfort and was diagnosed with a left shoulder strain. The A’s are shutting him down from throwing indefinitely -- placing him on the 60-day injured list -- as they will wait until he is discomfort-free before resuming baseball activity. "The general timelines are getting back to flat ground, back to sides, building him up and then going through a full Spring Training, really," manager Mark Kotsay said. "So that timeline kind of puts him toward the end of May." (Last updated: March 26)

Elephant Rumblings: Nick Allen’s bat heating up

Happy Wednesday, Athletics Nation!“They call him Nicky Knocks!”That’s what Dallas Braden keeps saying about A’s shortstop Nick Allen. I tend to roll my eyes when I hear this, but the way Allen has hit during the A’s current homestand, Braden’s moniker for the diminutive infielder might just stick.Per Martin Gallegos at ...

Happy Wednesday, Athletics Nation!

“They call him Nicky Knocks!”

That’s what Dallas Braden keeps saying about A’s shortstop Nick Allen. I tend to roll my eyes when I hear this, but the way Allen has hit during the A’s current homestand, Braden’s moniker for the diminutive infielder might just stick.

Per Martin Gallegos at, Nick’s surge at the plate is coming on the heels of a visit to the office of A’s manager Mark Kotsay. Few specifics were given on exactly what adjustments Allen made after what Kotsay described as a “good conversation ... about everything,” but apparently no changes were made in terms of swing mechanics.

Kotsay hinted that the focus has been on pitch recognition. At any rate, Allen’s recent results at the plate represent a huge improvement: after going 3-for-25 in his first 10 games since being called up from Vegas, Allen entered Tuesday’s game with a .429 average over his past four games.

Then, as if encouraged by Gallegos’ recognition of his improvement, Allen hit his first MLB dinger of 2023 in the third inning of yesterday’s game to tie it up with the Diamondbacks. He wound up with three hits last night and brought his batting average up to .217—it was at .105 entering last Friday’s game, in which Allen also put up three hits.

"They call him Nicky Knocks"

— A's on NBCS (@NBCSAthletics) May 17, 2023

In the very next frame after his homer, Allen also reminded us that he is an elite defender at shortstop.

The Spin Cycle as made famous by the real slick Nick

— Oakland A's (@Athletics) May 17, 2023

With glove and arm skills like that, even if he can hit just a bit, Allen will be a key contributor. But if Nicky knocks, he’ll be an All-Star.

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Roster moves.

A'S RECENT MOVES: RHP Trevor May to LV on rehab, RHP Norge Ruiz & LHP Garrett Williams to LV player development list, RHP Jorge Juan to MID, RHP Jake Garland & C Hansen Lopez to LAN, OF Pedro Pineda & C Cooper Uhl to STK…

— Athletics Farm (@AthleticsFarm) May 16, 2023

Pitcher development notes.

In case you haven't noticed, Grant Holman, Jorge Juan & Colin Peluse have all been pitching well since moving to the bullpen. In other news, A's are hoping Gunnar Hoglund may be ready to join Stockton by end of the month. And Brady Feigl has been hitting 93-94 mph in AZ.

— Athletics Farm (@AthleticsFarm) May 16, 2023

Some handsome hounds at yesterday’s Bark in the Park.

Tropicana plan “very preliminary” per Bally’s.

A handout of some sort working its way through the NV legislature.

Kemp laments the silencing of the right field drums.

OK, Brah.

Gelof (2 HRs) hits jackpot in Triple-A Las Vegas' 22-run deluge

The hits came early, often and with considerable sizzle for Triple-A Las Vegas during a 22-run deluge Wednesday afternoon in Salt Lake City.The most prolific afternoon belonged to No. 3 Athletics prospect Zack Gelof, who reached base in all six of his plate appearances and amassed his first multihomer game of the season as the Aviators ec...

The hits came early, often and with considerable sizzle for Triple-A Las Vegas during a 22-run deluge Wednesday afternoon in Salt Lake City.

The most prolific afternoon belonged to No. 3 Athletics prospect Zack Gelof, who reached base in all six of his plate appearances and amassed his first multihomer game of the season as the Aviators eclipsed the 20-run plateau for the first time since 2011.

MLB Pipeline | Top 100 prospects | Prospect video

Gelof’s day began quietly enough with two walks and a pair of singles through his first four trips to the dish, which helped the Aviators’ offense compile a commanding lead en route to a 22-10 win over Salt Lake at Smith’s Ballpark. The 2021 second-round pick turned things up a notch in his final two plate appearances, taking advantage of being ahead in the count by walloping two homers to left, both exceeding 100 mph off the bat.

In total, Gelof’s propensity for reaching base spurred him to a career-high five runs scored and teammate Jonah Bride -- hitting behind Gelof in the order -- to a career-high six RBIs.

22 is anything but a bust for Las Vegas today!For the first time since 2011, the @AviatorsLV score 20+ runs.

— Minor League Baseball (@MiLB) May 17, 2023

The power surge breaks a 15-game homerless spell for Gelof, who was still able to impact the lineup with seven doubles and seven steals in that span. Early-season power doldrums haven’t impeded Gelof the past two years, as he hit .320 in the season’s first month in 2022, before delivering a .431 on-base percentage this April. The infielder also started hot with the bat during last year’s Arizona Fall League, where he batted .300 over his first 10 games.

Gelof, 23, has positioned himself for his first callup to The Show on the back of a .298/.413/.520 start to the year for Las Vegas. He also added his 12th steal of the season Wednesday, putting him already just one off his career mark established in 2021.

Despite an underwhelming stint with Team Israel at the World Baseball Classic, the former Top 100 prospect further cemented himself on the organizational map during Cactus League play with the A’s, when he delivered a .320 average and .414 on-base percentage.

“It’s tough to not look ahead and look at the big leagues,” Gelof said back in February. “When I get an opportunity, I know I’m supposed to be there and stay up for a long while.”


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