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Because a drayage load can mean a few different things, confusion among carriers is common. Many carriers link drayage with going into a port, but that isn't always true. While all drayage loads typically originate from a port of entry, there are often several legs of a drayage journey before a container turns up at its final stop. Legs of a drayage load may include:

Why Are Drayage Companies in Los Angeles, CA So Important?

You may be thinking, what's so important about drayage? It's such a small step in the container storage transport process. In reality, it's an integral piece needed in the logistics industry and a crucial part of U.S. supply chain management.

To truly understand the importance of drayage, let's use flowers as an example. Most cut flower shipments enter the market from areas in South America until they end up at Dutch auction houses. Once there, wholesalers purchase flowers in bulk and send those products to retail outlets worldwide. Because flowers are perishable, they typically need to be refrigerated and are often shipped in reefer containers. These refrigerated vessels must maintain a certain temp to prevent loss.

Drayage companies like RelyEx allow flower shippers to send their products from Argentinian ports to airports in the Netherlands with peace of mind because their products are protected. The only way to accomplish this feat is with the help of swift, meticulous port drayage services. Drayage companies allow flower shippers to send their products from Argentinian ports to airports in the Netherlands with peace of mind, because their products are protected. The only way to accomplish this feat is with the help of swift, meticulous port drayage services.

If port drayage is compromised, it can cause delays and even fines. You know the packages you get delivered to your front door from apps like Amazon? Without drayage and drayage brokers, one or two-day shipping times wouldn't even be possible.

As a multi-billion-dollar industry in the U.S. alone, it seems like drayage shipping issues shouldn't exist. But the fact is inefficiencies and congestion are still major problems at ports. Whether it's a lack of carriers, absent chassis, or overburdened terminals, delays lead to missed deadlines, lost revenue, and worse.

But anytime challenges exist, so too do innovative solutions.

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 Drayage Services Los Angeles, CA


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RelyEx Solves Problems

At RelyEx, we like to consider ourselves problem solvers. The nature of the container drayage industry presents new challenges every day, but we're firm believers that there's a solution to every hurdle we encounter. And while some drayage businesses implement a reactive approach, RelyEx customers choose us for our proactive mindset. We take pride in solving your company's drayage challenges to help you avoid frustrating fees, missed expectations, and delayed shipments. We strive to make every transaction successful and streamlined by partnering with shippers who prioritize transparent, prompt, and accurate communication.

 Ocean Container Drayage Los Angeles, CA

RelyEx Has a Unique Vantage Point

RelyEx approaches your business from the customer's perspective - a unique approach that helps us provide high-quality, effective drayage services. We've been in the customers' shoes, know their pain points, and because of that, provide first-hand solutions to stressful supply chain issues. With over 30 years of collective knowledge, our team excels in:

  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Finance

Our varied, high-level drayage shipping experience helps us achieve our overarching goal: expertly managing your freight movement needs. That way, you can direct your time and focus on growing the core aspects of your business while we handle the heavy lifting. Throw in proactive planning to avoid bottleneck situations and strong communication for transparent customer relations, and you can see why so many companies trust RelyEx.

 Warehousing Los Angeles, CA

RelyEx Nurtures Strong Carrier Relationships

When it comes to shipping logistics, it only takes one mistake by a mediocre worker to disrupt your business. That's why, at RelyEx, we pride ourselves on forming and nurturing relationships with carriers who match our standards of care. Our founding partner started his career transporting freight for companies as an on-demand carrier. He uses that knowledge to maximize the resources of our carriers so that our customer's expectations aren't just met - they're exceeded.

Based in the port city of Los Angeles, RelyEx has a keen understanding of the challenges of managing the inbound and outbound flow of containers. Our team of container drayage experts provides your business with unique solutions to nuanced shipping problems, minimizing demurrage and ensuring the successful delivery of your freight.

 Transloading Los Angeles, CA

Customers choose RelyEx because:

  • We are a reliable drayage logistics partner that manages your freight from beginning to end
  • We have a rare industry vantage point with 30+ years of client-side experience
  • We foster and fortify the strongest vendor relations
  • We take a proactive approach to problem-solving, not a reactive approach
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Your Drayage Shipments Managed from Start to Finish

Some drayage brokers don't care how customers feel about their service as long as they sign a contract and get paid. As a solutions-oriented team, RelyEx takes the opposite approach. We're motivated by the opportunity to overachieve for our customers and to provide them with the best logistics experience possible. With professional experience as carriers and shippers ourselves, we know the roadblocks and challenges you're facing. We excel at mapping out the best plans of action to solve those problems. But that's just the start.

Our tracking experts monitor and manage every aspect of your drayage shipment from booking to delivery, 24/7. Once booked, we look for the availability of your containers hourly once they're at port. When they arrive, our team acts quickly to access your storage containers when they're available.

Plus, RelyEx ensures your company's requirements are met by the carrier during loading and delivery and provide necessary documentation as fast as possible. With real-time tracking updates and access to our customer service professionals, your team has complete visibility throughout the shipping process.

We Source Top-Notch Operators at the Best Prices

Over the years, RelyEx has built a strong network of drayage carriers, transloading locations, and container storage spaces to provide you with the best possible options to match your drayage service needs. We know that searching for quality service presents an added layer of complexity and stress to our customers. That's why we work hard to take that off your plate by connecting you with our reliable shipping partners.

With a background moving freight as an on-demand carrier, our founding partner understands how to maximize the resources and equipment of our carriers to match your needs.

 Drayage Los Angeles, CA
 Drayage Services Los Angeles, CA

We Make Transparent, Timely Communication a Priority

Like other industries, the global logistics space is complex. Mistakes will be made, and problems will happen. With those truths in mind, RelyEx has built its reputation as problem solvers. Unlike other drayage companies, we don't shy away from this industry's complexities because we take pride in solving problems. Even better, we aim to do what's needed to avoid those problems altogether.

As your logistics partner, we will provide your company with accurate, transparent, and prompt communication. If there are unexpected issues, we'll notify you immediately and will provide several options to remedy the problem. We even offer custom reporting for large clients who need at-the-moment updates and quick access to shipment documentation.

We Have Robust Project Management Experience

Why let the unpredictability of your industry dictate your success? With a background working in manufacturing, our founders are familiar with the demands of managing production schedules and sales orders. That experience makes it abundantly clear to us that every business and industry is different. If you struggle with seasonal surges or other factors, our team supports your business with a mapped-out plan and schedule, so you stay ahead of the game.

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Paperwork Errors

Typically, shippers need four specific documents to clear shipments through customs: A Bill of Lading (or BOL), a commercial invoice, a packing list, and an arrival notice. Seasoned drayage brokers like RelyEx are used to preparing these documents, but new shippers tend to miss this step due to inexperience.

Payment Delays

If a shipper only pays for part of their shipment, a vessel operator may refuse to release their freight until their bill is fully paid. Payment delays lead to cargo detention at the port of entry, which triggers demurrage charges.


Documents Received Too Late

Paperwork is needed when you're shipping goods with a drayage company. When documents like the Certificate of Origin or Bill of Lading arrive at their destination late, you can expect demurrage fees. RelyEx avoids this situation entirely by being proactive when submitting paperwork.

Additional causes for demurrage fees can include:

  • Damaged Container Storage
  • Custom Released Containers
  • Storage Containers Are Too Heavy

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The Supply Chain Partner You Can Count On

At RelyEx, we know first-hand how stressful supply chain problems can be for business owners. Though drayage shipping might seem minor on the surface, it affects every stage of your shipping process. And when inevitable hurdles manifest, RelyEx propels you over the proverbial roadblocks with a proactive mindset and a passion for challenging projects. We believe that all problems have a solution, and our unique vantage point allows us to provide first-hand solutions to customers in a wide array of industries.

When it comes to your business, don't settle for anything less than RelyEx. Contact our office today to learn more about how we make your shipping experience streamlined and stress-free.


Latest News in Los Angeles, CA

Yoshinobu Yamamoto: Would've picked Dodgers even if Ohtani hadn't

ReactionsLike640Funny10Wow3Interesting3Celebrate3Fire1Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto said his desire to win trumped all other reasons in choosing his new team, including Shohei Ohtani also picking the Dodgers."I woul...














Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto said his desire to win trumped all other reasons in choosing his new team, including Shohei Ohtani also picking the Dodgers.

"I wouldn't say he was the sole reason in deciding to come here, and if he went somewhere else I probably would have still ended up in L.A," Yamamoto said through his interpreter in a Wednesday news conference. "Winning now and winning into the future was probably the most important thing in making this decision."

Yamamoto, 25, donned a No. 18 jersey as the Dodgers introduced their latest star just a few weeks after doing the same with Ohtani. Yamamoto signed a 12-year, $325 million deal with L.A. after being swayed by the team's plan to keep winning. He expressed appreciation that Ohtani structured his 10-year, $700 million deal in a way that allowed the Dodgers to pursue other players such as Yamamoto.

"Through my talks with the front office it was really clear that they wanted to win," Yamamoto said. "On top of that, the fact that Shohei was doing that also signaled that it wasn't just the front office, it was also the players that bought into this winning atmosphere. That really resonated with me."

Dodgers general manager Brandon Gomes said the entire organization scouted Yamamoto and came away impressed with his ability and routine from the moment he took the field for games in Japan.

"When you get to the ballpark, one of the first things you notice is an incredibly impressive game of long toss, where the ball feels like its never coming off of a line and oftentimes looks like its going to knock the catcher's mitt right out of his hands," Gomes said. "There's a different level of intent and focus with each and every throw he makes leading up to that night's game."

Yamamoto joins a staff that includes Tyler Glasnow, who recently arrived in a trade, and Walker Buehler, who is due to return next season after undergoing Tommy John surgery.

Yamamoto was asked if seeing Japanese pitchers of the past such as Kenta Maeda in an L.A. uniform drew him to the team.

"I wouldn't say that was the sole reason for choosing the Dodgers, but when I was 19 I did come to watch a playoff game here, and in that game Kenta Maeda did throw and it made me feel more strongly about coming overseas to play in the big leagues," Yamamoto said.

Yamamoto introduced himself in English before deferring to his interpreter for questions. He'll be the face of the pitching staff until Ohtani returns to the mound in 2025.

"He said, 'Ask me anything you ever need,'" Yamamoto said, referring to Ohtani. "So it really felt comfortable talking to him about it. To be able to play with him from here on out definitely means a lot."

Yamamoto indicated that he always liked the Dodgers but stopped short of calling himself a Dodgers fan while growing up. His ascension to the big leagues -- and with a historic team -- isn't something he necessarily thought could happen.

"Looking back on my high school self, I probably would be very surprised at where I am now," he said, "but I really feel like I've been doing the same things since I entered the league at 18 years old."

Jim Harbaugh sidesteps questions about NFL, Chargers

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh interviewed for NFL jobs in each of the last two hiring cycles. As the next cycle approaches, will Harbaugh once again be in play?Appearing at a press conference in connection with next Monday’s NCAA semifinal game against Alabama, Harbaugh did not respond to questions about a possible return to the NFL.“Such a one-track mind,” Harbaugh said when asked ...

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh interviewed for NFL jobs in each of the last two hiring cycles. As the next cycle approaches, will Harbaugh once again be in play?

Appearing at a press conference in connection with next Monday’s NCAA semifinal game against Alabama, Harbaugh did not respond to questions about a possible return to the NFL.

Such a one-track mind,” Harbaugh said when asked about the latest round of NFL rumors, via Joe Reedy of the Associated Press. “That’s the way we’ve gone about things. It’s literally whatever day we’re in, looking to get the most out of it. Dominate the day. Then we’re going to sleep tonight, and wake up tomorrow and see if we can’t dominate that day. It’s a single-minded group. It’s very focused on just taking care of business today and see if we can’t do the same tomorrow.”

Harbaugh offered a similar response when asked specifically about the current Chargers vacancy.

“Yeah, just a very one-track mind about this game,” Harbaugh said. “Right now, just have fun with the family and the team and the players. . . . We’re gonna enjoy ourselves. And then get back to business, see if we can’t dominate the day. Got some good meetings tonight. We’ll wake up tomorrow and practice, see if we can’t dominate that day. . . . One day at a time, one play at a time, and that’s how we’re approaching each day.”

Sooner than later, the day will come when Harbaugh won’t have a game to prepare for. It remains to be seen what domination of that day will mean.

Will it mean signing a contract to stay with Michigan? Will it mean returning to the NFL and chasing what he has said is the ultimate football prize — a Super Bowl championship?

He has said he has “unfinished business” in the NFL, where he coached the NFL for four seasons, nearly won a Super Bowl, and nearly made it to two others. When he finishes his business with Michigan this season, will it finally be time to return to the NFL?

Whatever his plan, he’s not currently talking about it. Which tends to bolster the idea that he is indeed thinking about leaving.

Fantasy Basketball Trade Analyzer: Is it time to sell high on Kawhi Leonard?

Special to Yahoo SportsFollowing Christmas, hopefully, your fellow fantasy league managers are still in a festive mood. We’re just over a third of the way through the season, so small sample size is essentially out the window, and it should be clear by now which teams in your league are strong and which are weak. It’s now or never for struggling teams to get aggressive on the wire and in the trade market, giving you an opportunity to take advantage.Trade away: Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles C...

Special to Yahoo Sports

Following Christmas, hopefully, your fellow fantasy league managers are still in a festive mood. We’re just over a third of the way through the season, so small sample size is essentially out the window, and it should be clear by now which teams in your league are strong and which are weak. It’s now or never for struggling teams to get aggressive on the wire and in the trade market, giving you an opportunity to take advantage.

Trade away: Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles Clippers

Shockingly, the 32-year-old Leonard has missed just two games this season — the Clippers’ most recent outings. He’s in the midst of one of the best years of his career, ranking sixth in nine-cat production and averaging 41.8 FP. After an initial adjustment period with James Harden, Leonard has been on fire lately. His past 12 games have resulted in 29.3 points on 59/52/92 shooting, 6.5 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 1.3 steals. Leonard’s shooting will normalize sooner than later — though he’ll still probably be roughly a 50/40/90 player — and it feels like only a matter of time before he suffers a significant injury or starts getting rested. Trading him straight up might be difficult, as it’s unlikely anyone gives you better than a top-25 player for him. But it might be worth exploring a two-for-one trade, especially if your depth is weak.

Trade for: Deni Avdija, Washington Wizards

Avdija is rostered in 60% of leagues, so he’s mostly a buy-low target in deeper formats. But in standard leagues, you might be able to get him as a throw-in as part of a bigger trade. Washington’s rotation is inconsistent, as are Avdija’s minutes. But assuming the season continues its downward slide, the 22-year-old is someone who could be given more minutes and usage down the stretch, especially if Kyle Kuzma (who is 28) is load-managed or traded. Tyus Jones being traded as expected could also help Avdija’s production. The forward is in a small slump, but he’s ranked 138th in per-game, nine-category production in 26.9 minutes, and he’s averaging 1.0 fantasy points per minute.

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Trade away: Deandre Ayton, Portland Trail Blazers

Ayton missed three games due to left knee soreness from Dec. 6 to 11, and he’s now being listed as questionable with knee tendinitis for Tuesday’s game against the Kings. That raises red flags for me, as we’ve seen Markelle Fultz miss over a month with knee tendinitis – an injury that usually requires significant time off to completely heal. Ayton is playing well enough to move off before this potentially becomes a bigger issue. Plus, trading him away allows you to dodge the possibility of late-season shenanigans by Portland. Ayton, at 25 years old and a proven NBA player, doesn’t exactly need developmental minutes if the team decides to chase a higher draft pick.

Trade for: Ausar Thompson, Detroit Pistons

Thompson is in a fairly similar boat to Avdija. He’s 65% rostered and is playing on a flailing team with an inconsistent rotation. Managers in a position of weakness might not have time or patience for more back and forth, which allows you an opportunity to strike if your roster is in a better position. He’s averaging 30.2 fantasy points as a starter compared to 12.0 FP when coming off the bench. He’s ranked 148th in nine-cat formats. I’m still banking on his talent, and I won’t be surprised if vets like Bojan Bogdanovic and Alec Burks stop playing at the end of the year or are traded elsewhere, allowing more minutes and touches for Thompson.

Trade for: Walker Kessler, Utah Jazz

Kessler’s buy-low value falls into the “it can’t get worse than this” category, similar to a player like Jordan Poole. Kessler has been just a spot starter since returning from injury, though the good news is that his blocks are back. Over the past 14 games, he’s swatting 3.1 shots per contest, though he’s playing only 25.6 minutes. His 30.8 FP/g over this stretch is certainly enough to make him a must-roster player, and he’s just inside the top 80 over the past two weeks in nine-cat formats. Later in the year, it’s possible, if not likely, that the center begins seeing 30-plus minutes with some consistency. The Jazz are struggling this year, and tanking looks more than likely. Managers in two-center formats might find value in offering a guard or forward with slightly more current value than Kessler.

Trade away: Tyus Jones, Washington Wizards

Jones has been one of the disappointments of the fantasy season. It seemed like he could return top-75-or-higher value in a starting role. He was dropped in a decent chunk of leagues, especially 10-team formats by managers who were near the bottom of the standings. But he’s picked things up recently. Over the past five games, he’s averaged 17.8 points on 67/74/50 shooting, 8.0 assists, 4.2 rebounds and 2.2 steals in 31.4 minutes. Obviously, those shooting splits are unsustainable, but it’d still be a nice stretch if he were averaging 13 points. The point is, this represents a great sell-high opportunity while he’s seeing extended minutes and shooting well. The rumor mill suggests Washington will look to trade the 27-year-old point guard at the deadline. Assuming that happens, he’ll probably be moved into a backup role. So get some value back now for him while you can.

Yoshinobu Yamamoto excited to play with Shohei Ohtani, but he wasn’t the only reason he signed with the Dodgers

While it certainly didn’t hurt the cause, Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s move to land with the Los Angeles Dodgers wasn’t dependent on ...

While it certainly didn’t hurt the cause, Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s move to land with the Los Angeles Dodgers wasn’t dependent on Shohei Ohtani.

The Dodgers officially announced the signing of the Japanese phenom on Wednesday in Los Angeles. The team signed Yamamoto to a 12-year, $325 million deal in just their latest massive free-agency move of this offseason. It came on the heels of their record deal with another Japanese star, Shohei Ohtani, earlier this winter.

Yamamoto, who reportedly had multiple other massive offers, said Wednesday that he was probably coming to the Dodgers regardless of the Ohtani signing — though it certainly helped sway him in the right direction.

“I wouldn’t say he was the sole reason I decided to come here. Even if he went somewhere else, I probably still would have ended up in L.A. as a Dodger,” Yamamoto said through an interpreter. “On top of that, Shohei is obviously not only just one of the best Japanese players, but he’s one of the best players period in all of MLB. To be able to play with him here on out means a lot to me.”

Yoshinobu Yamamoto says he would've "probably still ended up in L.A. as a Dodger" even if Shohei Ohtani didn't sign with them

— SNY (@SNYtv) December 27, 2023

Yamamoto is perhaps the best pitcher in Nippon Professional Baseball history. After making his debut at 18, Yamamoto recorded a 1.82 career ERA. The past three seasons, Yamamoto has won a Japan Series title, a World Baseball Classic title, three pitching Triple Crowns, three Pacific League MVPs and three Sawamura Awards, which is the Japanese equivalent of the Cy Young award. He’s the first player since Ichiro Suzuki to win three straight MVP awards in the league and only the second pitcher to win the award three times.

As a result, Yamamoto earned the largest pitching contract in MLB history, signing a 12-year, $325 million deal with the Dodgers earlier this month. That topped Gerrit Cole’s $324 million deal with the New York Yankees in 2019. Yamamoto’s contract did not contain any deferrals, unlike Ohtani’s deal, but it does reportedly include a pair of opt-outs.

“You don’t win three MVP awards by the age of 25 without an exceptional combination of talent, work ethic and mental toughness,” Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said in a statement.

“He’s an elite pitcher with an impressive dedication to his craft who will only become more dynamic in a Dodger uniform. We are thrilled for him to be a mainstay at the top of our starting rotation for years to come.”

The Dodgers have spent more than $1 billion in free agency this offseason. Outside of Yamamoto, the team landed Ohtani in a massive, 10-year, $700 million deal. That shattered the MLB record and included massive deferrals that will lead to most of Ohtani's salary being paid after the end of the contract. The Dodgers also traded for pitcher Tyler Glasnow and signed him to a five-year, $136.5 million extension.

“It has been an exciting couple of weeks for the Dodgers community,” general manager Brandon Gomes said, via “And being able to add a starting pitcher as decorated and talented as Yoshinobu Yamamoto is a great way to wrap up 2023 and to add to what we expect to be a thrilling 2024 season.”

The Dodgers are set to open the 2024 season on March 20 against the San Diego Padres. The Dodgers have been to the playoffs the past 11 seasons but have won the World Series just once in that time. They were knocked out in the NLDS the past two campaigns and were swept 3-0 in that series by the Arizona Diamondbacks earlier this fall.

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Latest MLB rumors on Bellinger, Snell and more free agent and trade updates

With both Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto off the table, ...

With both Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto off the table, MLB free agency is down to its last few stars. The biggest names still available are reigning National League Cy Young Award winner Blake Snell and former MVP Cody Bellinger.

After the Los Angeles Dodgers spent over a billion dollars on Ohtani and Yamamoto, several teams considered to be big players coming into free agency still have a lot of money to spend. That means there's a good chance guys like Snell, Matt Chapman, and Josh Hader all get more than what they are expected to receive. These upcoming weeks could be very hectic as teams who missed out on their top priorities scramble to grab their second and third options, throwing everything at their new targets in the hopes of salvaging something from this offseason.

Here are the latest rumors surrounding MLB's top remaining free agents.

Shock waves:Yoshinobu Yamamoto is a Dodger: How phenom's deal affects Yankees, Mets and rest of MLB

Cody Bellinger drawing interest from multiple clubs

Former National League MVP Cody Bellinger remains arguably the biggest free agent hitter on the market. After subpar 2021 and 2022 campaigns, Bellinger rebounded in 2023 to finish top-ten in NL MVP voting.

HOT STOVE UPDATES: MLB free agency: Ranking and tracking the top players available.

Reports indicate that the Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago Cubs are heavily invested in landing Bellinger.

Bellinger obviously provided tremendous value for the Cubs in his first season with the team. The Cubs are young and looking to return to relevancy after disbanding their entire 2016 World Series core a few years ago.

The Blue Jays arguably need Bellinger more. After trading away Teoscar Hernandez ahead of the 2023 season, the Blue Jays outfield recorded a mediocre 8.0 fWAR last season, ranking 15th in MLB. And most of that value came on defense, where the Blue Jays recorded 13.7 runs above average. On offense, they were 12.1 runs below average. While there is hope that George Springer and Daulton Varsho can rebound after underwhelming seasons, Toronto would almost certainly prefer having Bellinger as another option in case things do not improve.

The Keirmaier signing does not mean the Blue Jays are out on Bellinger. If anything, Kiermaier's signing is just good baseball. The defensive-minded veteran was one of the best nine hole hitters in MLB. Moving Bellinger away from center field to a corner outfield position could potentially give Bellinger more time to focus on his swing as well. Plus, having two high-end defensive outfielders never hurt anyone. It would also give the Blue Jays the opportunity to move Varsho to the bench after he put up a sub-.300 OBP in 2023.

Giants beat writer Susan Slusser told MLB Network this morning that the Giants should go after Bellinger if they do not sign both Snell and Chapman.

Bellinger is the only top-tier outfielder in the free agent pool. The Giants desperately need to improve their offensive production from those outfield spots. Bellinger would be a massive help with MVP-caliber upside. His poor exit velocity in 2023 is a sign for concern though, and may be why some teams are hesitating on giving him $300 million.

Rounding out the rotation:2024 Los Angeles Dodgers starting rotation: How Yamamoto signing impacts pitching staff

Giants may have competition for Blake Snell

The San Francisco Giants came into the offseason with a lot of money burning a hole in their pockets. After missing out on both Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto though, the team has reportedly set their eyes on reigning Cy Young Award winner Blake Snell.

The Giants' Logan Webb finished second in NL Cy Young voting in 2023 to Snell, so theoretically, pairing the two of them up would give the Giants a rotation among the best in the National League. However, the Giants are pretty thin outside of those two. 2023 All-Star Alex Cobb is set to miss the beginning of the season, meaning outside of Cobb, the Giants have Anthony DeSclafani and Ross Stripling. Even with Snell, the Giants would not have a full rotation, but they do have money to spend on another arm if need be.

The Giants' top competition for Snell appears to be the Los Angeles Angels. Ken Rosenthal reports that the Angels have checked in on the two-time Cy Young winner and have spoken with Snell as recently as Dec. 19.

The Padres and Red Sox are likely in the running for Snell as well.

Dodgers not done dealing?

After acquiring Ohtani, Yamamoto, Tyler Glasnow, and Manuel Margot, the Dodgers are not done making the rest of the league cry in terror. Reports indicate that the team is in talks with the Cleveland Guardians to acquire former Cy Young winner Shane Bieber as well as reigning MLB saves leader Emmanuel Clase.

Teoscar Hernandez market heating up

Outside of Bellinger, the free agent outfield options are thin, yet the market seems to be heating up for former Seattle Mariner Teoscar Hernandez. The Boston Red Sox, Dodgers, and Angels appear to be the favorites.

No official offers have been made but Hernandez has been in contact with at least the Red Sox and Angels as of late according to Ken Rosenthal. Hernandez even liked a recent tweet that had a picture of him photoshopped in a Red Sox uniform.

The Dodgers are also supposedly "monitoring" the Hernandez market. The team is not considered the favorites to land Hernandez just yet though.


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