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Because a drayage load can mean a few different things, confusion among carriers is common. Many carriers link drayage with going into a port, but that isn't always true. While all drayage loads typically originate from a port of entry, there are often several legs of a drayage journey before a container turns up at its final stop. Legs of a drayage load may include:

Why Are Drayage Companies in Memphis, TN So Important?

You may be thinking, what's so important about drayage? It's such a small step in the container storage transport process. In reality, it's an integral piece needed in the logistics industry and a crucial part of U.S. supply chain management.

To truly understand the importance of drayage, let's use flowers as an example. Most cut flower shipments enter the market from areas in South America until they end up at Dutch auction houses. Once there, wholesalers purchase flowers in bulk and send those products to retail outlets worldwide. Because flowers are perishable, they typically need to be refrigerated and are often shipped in reefer containers. These refrigerated vessels must maintain a certain temp to prevent loss.

Drayage companies like RelyEx allow flower shippers to send their products from Argentinian ports to airports in the Netherlands with peace of mind because their products are protected. The only way to accomplish this feat is with the help of swift, meticulous port drayage services. Drayage companies allow flower shippers to send their products from Argentinian ports to airports in the Netherlands with peace of mind, because their products are protected. The only way to accomplish this feat is with the help of swift, meticulous port drayage services.

If port drayage is compromised, it can cause delays and even fines. You know the packages you get delivered to your front door from apps like Amazon? Without drayage and drayage brokers, one or two-day shipping times wouldn't even be possible.

As a multi-billion-dollar industry in the U.S. alone, it seems like drayage shipping issues shouldn't exist. But the fact is inefficiencies and congestion are still major problems at ports. Whether it's a lack of carriers, absent chassis, or overburdened terminals, delays lead to missed deadlines, lost revenue, and worse.

But anytime challenges exist, so too do innovative solutions.

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 Drayage Memphis, TN


 Drayage Services Memphis, TN


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 Logistic Services Memphis, TN

RelyEx Solves Problems

At RelyEx, we like to consider ourselves problem solvers. The nature of the container drayage industry presents new challenges every day, but we're firm believers that there's a solution to every hurdle we encounter. And while some drayage businesses implement a reactive approach, RelyEx customers choose us for our proactive mindset. We take pride in solving your company's drayage challenges to help you avoid frustrating fees, missed expectations, and delayed shipments. We strive to make every transaction successful and streamlined by partnering with shippers who prioritize transparent, prompt, and accurate communication.

 Ocean Container Drayage Memphis, TN

RelyEx Has a Unique Vantage Point

RelyEx approaches your business from the customer's perspective - a unique approach that helps us provide high-quality, effective drayage services. We've been in the customers' shoes, know their pain points, and because of that, provide first-hand solutions to stressful supply chain issues. With over 30 years of collective knowledge, our team excels in:

  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Finance

Our varied, high-level drayage shipping experience helps us achieve our overarching goal: expertly managing your freight movement needs. That way, you can direct your time and focus on growing the core aspects of your business while we handle the heavy lifting. Throw in proactive planning to avoid bottleneck situations and strong communication for transparent customer relations, and you can see why so many companies trust RelyEx.

 Warehousing Memphis, TN

RelyEx Nurtures Strong Carrier Relationships

When it comes to shipping logistics, it only takes one mistake by a mediocre worker to disrupt your business. That's why, at RelyEx, we pride ourselves on forming and nurturing relationships with carriers who match our standards of care. Our founding partner started his career transporting freight for companies as an on-demand carrier. He uses that knowledge to maximize the resources of our carriers so that our customer's expectations aren't just met - they're exceeded.

Based in the port city of Memphis, RelyEx has a keen understanding of the challenges of managing the inbound and outbound flow of containers. Our team of container drayage experts provides your business with unique solutions to nuanced shipping problems, minimizing demurrage and ensuring the successful delivery of your freight.

 Transloading Memphis, TN

Customers choose RelyEx because:

  • We are a reliable drayage logistics partner that manages your freight from beginning to end
  • We have a rare industry vantage point with 30+ years of client-side experience
  • We foster and fortify the strongest vendor relations
  • We take a proactive approach to problem-solving, not a reactive approach
Let us know how we can help.
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Your Drayage Shipments Managed from Start to Finish

Some drayage brokers don't care how customers feel about their service as long as they sign a contract and get paid. As a solutions-oriented team, RelyEx takes the opposite approach. We're motivated by the opportunity to overachieve for our customers and to provide them with the best logistics experience possible. With professional experience as carriers and shippers ourselves, we know the roadblocks and challenges you're facing. We excel at mapping out the best plans of action to solve those problems. But that's just the start.

Our tracking experts monitor and manage every aspect of your drayage shipment from booking to delivery, 24/7. Once booked, we look for the availability of your containers hourly once they're at port. When they arrive, our team acts quickly to access your storage containers when they're available.

Plus, RelyEx ensures your company's requirements are met by the carrier during loading and delivery and provide necessary documentation as fast as possible. With real-time tracking updates and access to our customer service professionals, your team has complete visibility throughout the shipping process.

We Source Top-Notch Operators at the Best Prices

Over the years, RelyEx has built a strong network of drayage carriers, transloading locations, and container storage spaces to provide you with the best possible options to match your drayage service needs. We know that searching for quality service presents an added layer of complexity and stress to our customers. That's why we work hard to take that off your plate by connecting you with our reliable shipping partners.

With a background moving freight as an on-demand carrier, our founding partner understands how to maximize the resources and equipment of our carriers to match your needs.

 Drayage Memphis, TN
 Drayage Services Memphis, TN

We Make Transparent, Timely Communication a Priority

Like other industries, the global logistics space is complex. Mistakes will be made, and problems will happen. With those truths in mind, RelyEx has built its reputation as problem solvers. Unlike other drayage companies, we don't shy away from this industry's complexities because we take pride in solving problems. Even better, we aim to do what's needed to avoid those problems altogether.

As your logistics partner, we will provide your company with accurate, transparent, and prompt communication. If there are unexpected issues, we'll notify you immediately and will provide several options to remedy the problem. We even offer custom reporting for large clients who need at-the-moment updates and quick access to shipment documentation.

We Have Robust Project Management Experience

Why let the unpredictability of your industry dictate your success? With a background working in manufacturing, our founders are familiar with the demands of managing production schedules and sales orders. That experience makes it abundantly clear to us that every business and industry is different. If you struggle with seasonal surges or other factors, our team supports your business with a mapped-out plan and schedule, so you stay ahead of the game.

 Full Truck Load Memphis, TN

Paperwork Errors

Typically, shippers need four specific documents to clear shipments through customs: A Bill of Lading (or BOL), a commercial invoice, a packing list, and an arrival notice. Seasoned drayage brokers like RelyEx are used to preparing these documents, but new shippers tend to miss this step due to inexperience.

Payment Delays

If a shipper only pays for part of their shipment, a vessel operator may refuse to release their freight until their bill is fully paid. Payment delays lead to cargo detention at the port of entry, which triggers demurrage charges.


Documents Received Too Late

Paperwork is needed when you're shipping goods with a drayage company. When documents like the Certificate of Origin or Bill of Lading arrive at their destination late, you can expect demurrage fees. RelyEx avoids this situation entirely by being proactive when submitting paperwork.

Additional causes for demurrage fees can include:

  • Damaged Container Storage
  • Custom Released Containers
  • Storage Containers Are Too Heavy

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The Supply Chain Partner You Can Count On

At RelyEx, we know first-hand how stressful supply chain problems can be for business owners. Though drayage shipping might seem minor on the surface, it affects every stage of your shipping process. And when inevitable hurdles manifest, RelyEx propels you over the proverbial roadblocks with a proactive mindset and a passion for challenging projects. We believe that all problems have a solution, and our unique vantage point allows us to provide first-hand solutions to customers in a wide array of industries.

When it comes to your business, don't settle for anything less than RelyEx. Contact our office today to learn more about how we make your shipping experience streamlined and stress-free.


Latest News in Memphis, TN

Latest 2025 March Madness bracket shows Penny Hardaway's Memphis basketball roster improving

Whether the work Memphis basketball coach Penny Hardaway has done − and will do − this offseason yields March Madness magnificence remains to be seen.But, if Joe Lunardi's most recent bracket projection is any indication, the confidence inspired by the Tigers' work-in-prog...

Whether the work Memphis basketball coach Penny Hardaway has done − and will do − this offseason yields March Madness magnificence remains to be seen.

But, if Joe Lunardi's most recent bracket projection is any indication, the confidence inspired by the Tigers' work-in-progress roster restoration extends beyond Tiger Nation.

Lunardi, ESPN's bracketologist-in-residence, released his updated outlook for the 2025 NCAA Tournament on Thursday. Memphis was a No. 11 seed in his first forecast of the offseason last month. This time around, Lunardi moved the Tigers up to an 8-seed.

He also has Memphis pegged as the American Athletic Conference champion, giving the Tigers the automatic bid, and made them the only AAC team in the projected field. No other AAC team is even on Lunardi's updated bubble.

Hardaway has been busy since Lunardi revealed his first bracket of the offseason April 17. Since securing commitments from transfers PJ Haggerty, Dain Dainja and Colby Rogers before that, the Tigers have landed pledges from former Texas guard Tyrese Hunter and former George Mason guard Baraka Okojie.

All-AAC wing David Jones is testing the NBA Draft waters, but he has maintained his collegiate eligibility and Hardaway has repeatedly expressed optimism regarding Jones' chances of returning. Forward Nicholas Jourdain is also expected to be back for a second season at Memphis.

The new developments − likely along with some fluctuation elsewhere in Lunardi's projection − were enough to bump the Tigers up multiple seed lines.

Lunardi's new bracket also reflects how strong Memphis' non-conference schedule (which has not been finalized) is shaping up to be. Ten of its 13 non-AAC games have been settled: Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Missouri (all at home), road games with UNLV, Clemson and Virginia, a neutral-site date with San Francisco, and the 2024 Maui Invitational.

Lunardi has Ole Miss earning a 7-seed, Mississippi State slotted in as a No. 9 and Missouri as the first team out of the field. Clemson, which reached the Elite Eight, is in as a 9-seed, while and San Francisco is on the bubble (next four out). Virginia is not included in the new projection.

MEMPHIS BASKETBALL:TJ Bamba commits to Oregon. What it could mean for David Jones and Memphis basketball

Every team in the Maui Invitational (Nov. 25-27), except Colorado, is a projected NCAA Tournament team, according to Lunardi. Two-time defending national champion UConn (a No. 1 seed) is an automatic qualifier as Big East champ, while Auburn is a 3-seed for Lunardi. North Carolina and Iowa State are projected 2-seeds, while Michigan State is a No. 5 seed. Dayton, as the projected Atlantic 10 champ, is forecast as a 10-seed.

While the Maui Invitational bracket has not been set, Memphis will play three games against the field there.

Reach sports writer Jason Munz at or follow him @munzly on X, the social media app formerly known as Twitter.

How Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies fit into NBA's 'changing of the guard' | Giannotto


He stopped there to start TNT’s “Inside the NBA” postgame show earlier this week, when the discussion that’s all the rage in these NBA playoffs came up once again.

There’s a "changing of the guard" under way. That’s the prevailing theme through almost one round of this postseason.

And if this were a couple years ago, Barkley probably would have included Ja Morant. He probably would have mentioned the Memphis Grizzlies as a group that could step into the vacuum the inevitable decline of LeBron James, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant leaves behind.

Except Barkley isn’t saying that. Nobody outside of Memphis is really saying that anymore. Nobody but Grizzlies fans, Grizzlies players and Grizzlies management are including the Grizzlies in that conversation at the moment.

That doesn’t make it right. That's just a function of not being a playoff team.

But making sense of that – of being not hated or loved, but largely just ignored – is what everybody with a rooting interest in the Grizzlies has been forced to do during this postseason.

Where does Memphis fit into this “changing of the guard” in the NBA? Nobody can actually know the answer yet, even though the answer will define this group's legacy. Waiting on it is that much harder after having to sit through what this season became for the Grizzlies.

Memphis got a taste of what Morant, Desmond Bane and Jaren Jackson Jr. might accomplish and it still can’t say for sure when the next bite will come.

These playoffs have shown the Grizzlies' trio to, theoretically, be of similar structure to the best teams in the West, particularly while Jackson is on a contract with declining salaries of about $25 million and $23 million the next two years. But the landscape seems more treacherous than before. James, Curry and Durant are still viable enough, but Gilgeous-Alexander, Edwards and Doncic seem ready now, too.

Just this week, New Orleans Pelicans General Manager David Griffin talked to reporters about the “historically great Western Conference” that emerged almost simultaneously with the Grizzlies’ unfortunate detour. He even alluded to teams like Memphis that aren’t in the playoffs but he expects to “get radically better this offseason.”

In 2022-23, Memphis was one of just three Western Conference teams to win more than 45 games when it finished second in the West. This season, the Golden State Warriors were the last Western Conference play-in team with 46 wins.

What’s obvious already is the NBA forgets quickly when you play only nine games in 370 days-and-counting like Morant, and the league moves on to new narratives when you aren’t in the playoffs.

Guards like Edwards, Gilgeous-Alexander, Jalen Brunson and Tyrese Haliburton have all either done, or sit one win away from doing, what Morant and these Grizzlies did before them – win a playoff series. Teams like Oklahoma City and Minnesota — teams Memphis catapulted past not long ago — are the rosters NBA observers envy now. The Thunder have even inadvertently (or not?) copied the Grizzlies' postgame interview celebration gimmick.

If Morant can get back to playing 65 or more games per season, if he can stay healthy in the playoffs – and those ifs loom larger than anything Morant has or hasn’t changed off the court – the bet here is the NBA quickly remembers what it saw just a couple years ago.

It’ll remember that Morant won a playoff series over Edwards. That he scored 47 points twice and 45 points once over 19 career playoff games, and has two 35-point performances in play-in games. That he has one playoff triple-double and three other playoff games in which he was either one rebound or one assist away from a triple-double. That his playoff averages in points (27.3) and assists (8.6) would rank among the top 10 in NBA history if he had played in enough games to qualify for those categories.

Hopefully someday soon, Morant and the Grizzlies can remind everyone they really started the changing of the guard.

You can reach Commercial Appeal columnist Mark Giannotto via email at and follow him on X:@mgiannotto

Major League Pickleball has an official bourbon? Yes, and it's made in Memphis

Some might say it's an atypical pairing: pickleball and bourbon.But for Blue Note Bourbon, it's an ideal match.On Monday, Memphis-based B.R. Distilling Co. announced its Blue Note as the "official bourbon of Major League Pickleball." The sponsorship will begin at Major League Pickleball's season opener i...

Some might say it's an atypical pairing: pickleball and bourbon.

But for Blue Note Bourbon, it's an ideal match.

On Monday, Memphis-based B.R. Distilling Co. announced its Blue Note as the "official bourbon of Major League Pickleball." The sponsorship will begin at Major League Pickleball's season opener in Atlanta on May 9.

Logan Welk, B.R. Distilling president and chief operating officer, said the partnership began after an event in Tampa, where he was first introduced to the sport and its rapidly growing popularity.

"Everyone was talking about it," he said. "It is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States."

Welk likens the growth of pickleball to the distillery's unprecedented growth since its founding in 2014. The Blue Note Bourbon sponsorship runs through 2026. Over the course of the sponsorship, B.R. Distilling plans to release some specialty bourbons in association with the league, Welk said.

"I'm not a pickleball player, but after this I think I will be," he said.

BLUFF CITY PICKLEBALL:Memphis couple transforms a Malco theater into a pickleball complex. Here's why.

The announcement comes on the heels of an already busy calendar year for B.R. Distilling. In July 2023, the company opened a tasting room at 802 Royal Ave. in Memphis' New Chicago neighborhood. In September 2023, B.R. Distilling partnered with Kentucky-based Bardstown Bourbon Co. to expand its production and marketing capabilities. And the company is looking to complete an 80,000-square-foot expansion at its Royal Avenue facility in Memphis this summer, Welk said.

On Tuesday, Blue Note's two flagship brands, Juke Joint and Crossroads, received platinum medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The distillery has continued its winning streak at the competition.

"Every spirit brand likes to speak to the quality of their products; very few have the external affirmation of the world’s most respected blind tasting panel," Welk said. "To do this once was an achievement, twice amazing, and now three times is extraordinary."

PICKLEBALL LESSONS:How a retired dentist uses his passion for pickleball to keep Collierville seniors active

With the award-winning campaign and the marketing exposure its partnership with Major League Pickleball will bring, Welk acknowledged the distillery's national recognition perhaps outpaces its local lore.

"There are fewer people aware of us in our hometown than abroad," he said. He added that the regional and national attention, however, only bodes well for Memphis and sharing the city and distillery's story to a larger audience.

Major League Pickleball will be featured on multiple media channels, Welk said. Last year, ESPN2 covered a portion of the 2023 season. With the sponsorship, Blue Note will be featured at nine events across the 2024 and 2025 season and will have a showcase at Major League Pickleball's VIP hospitality and sponsor village areas at its Atlanta, Miami and first round playoff tournament (in Dallas) this year. The coed league features 22 teams and was founded in 2021.

"Blue Note Bourbon and Major League Pickleball share many of the same core qualities for fans — they are both approachable while also being bold and smooth,” Major League Pickleball CEO Bruce Popko said in a statement.

Neil Strebig is a journalist with The Commercial Appeal. He can be reached at, 901-426-0679 or via X/Twitter,@neilStrebig.

Penny Hardaway to add Memphis basketball legend Andre Turner to coaching staff


Memphis basketball legend and Lane College coach Andre Turner is expected to soon join Penny Hardaway's coaching staff.

On Wednesday, Lane College athletic director Derrick Burroughs told The Commercial Appeal that Turner informed him this week of his plans to return to his alma mater and work for Hardaway.

“He has alerted me that it’s imminent,” said Burroughs. “It’s just a matter of time. I think that’s the perfect place for him to be. I hate he’s leaving, but I’m happy for him. I always wanted Andre to hopefully one day join Penny’s staff.”

Turner's specific role at Memphis is unclear.

Turner had been the coach at Lane for three seasons and compiled a 36-47 record. Before his stint at Lane, Turner spent 11 seasons as either head coach or assistant coach at Mitchell High School, winning three consecutive state championships.

Hardaway has not made any announcements regarding changes to his coaching staff, although Rick Stansbury is set to return as an assistant for the 2024-25 season.

Hardaway has been outspoken over the years about his fondness and adoration for Turner. Nicknamed the "Little General," Turner became a hero at then-Memphis State, leading the Tigers to the 1985 Final Four, hitting back-to-back game-winning shots against UAB and Boston College, respectively, to propel the team to the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight. When Hardaway added Lane College as an exhibition opponent prior to the 2021-22 season, he said he "fell in love" with Memphis basketball because of Turner and the success of those 1984-85 Tigers.

Turner scored 1,442 points at Memphis (14th-most in school history) and is the Tigers' all-time leader in single-game assists (15), single-season assists (262) and career assists (763). He was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1986 NBA draft and played six years in the NBA before embarking on a lengthy career overseas that included winning the 1997 Spanish King's Cup MVP Award.

Reach sports writer Jason Munz at or follow him @munzly on X, the social media app formerly known as Twitter.

Memphis East hires Maurice Miller as boys basketball coach

Maurice Miller has been hired by East High as it new boys basketball coach.Miller replaces Shelvie Rose, who lef...

Maurice Miller has been hired by East High as it new boys basketball coach.

Miller replaces Shelvie Rose, who left after one season to become coach at First Assembly Christian School. East was 8-19 overall and 5-5 in district play.

“I’ve always looked at East as the mountaintop,” Miller, a former Georgia Tech player from 2007-11, told The Commercial Appeal on Wednesday. “They have a great culture. I just want to give the East alumni and Binghampton representatives something to be proud of. We’re just ready to put the work in. I can’t wait to get started.”

Miller comes to East from Southwest Tennessee Community College in Memphis, where he served as an assistant coach for three seasons under head coach Jerry Stephens.

At Arlington, Miller led the Tigers to a 45-13 overall record in two seasons, including 19-6 in 2020-21. The Tigers' season ended in the Class AAA sectionals both years. Before that, Miller coached at his alma mater, Raleigh-Egypt, for four seasons. He led the Pharaohs to the Class AA quarterfinals the year before he left.

Miller, who was a 6-foot-2 guard during his playing career, won the 2007 Class AAA Mr. Basketball award and led the Pharaohs to a state runner-up finish as a sophomore. He was the No. 2 prospect in Tennessee, No. 13 point guard in the country and No. 75 overall prospect in the nation coming out of high school, according to the 247Sports Composite.

SHELVIE ROSE:TSSAA champion FACS boys basketball hires Shelvie Rose as coach after one year at East

After a decorated high school career, Miller played for the Yellowjackets, averaging 6.4 points and 3.0 assists in 115 career games.

Reach sports writer Jason Munz at or follow him @munzly on X, the social media app formerly known as Twitter.


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