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Statistics from the US Department of Transportation show more than 700,000 registered motor carriers are traversing our highways and roads. These trucks, which can be packed with everything from bricks and stone to dog food and grocery items, keep thousands of American businesses afloat. For business owners shipping these products across the country, precise planning and high-level tracking are required. But with increasing rates and a wide range of delays to overcome, overseeing a shipment of LTL freight is easier said than done.

For overworked business owners, managing multiple shipments can seem impossible in today's freight landscape. But the reality is that many businesses rely on less-than-truckload shipments to keep their doors open. When these shipments are compromised, their business is too. But there's a viable solution: LTL freight brokers in Boston, MA like RelyEx provide reliable solutions to common LTL shipment problems, eliminating the stress and worry of LTL shipping.

With more than 30 combined years of LTL experience and a solutions-oriented team, RelyEx is your go-to choice for streamlined, efficient LTL shipping services. To understand the true value of RelyEx's less-than-truckload shipping options, it helps to understand first what LTL shipping is and why it's used.

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LTL Freight Shipping Boston, MA

ShippingThe Basics of LTL Freight Shipping

In the freight industry, LTL stands for "less-than-truckload." It is a widely-used method of transportation for smaller shipments that don't require the space of a full truckload. In an LTL shipment, several customers' loads are placed onto one truck, which helps reduce how much it costs to ship those products.

In fact, if your freight doesn't fill an entire trailer but weighs 150-15,000 lbs., LTL freight shipping in Boston, MA, may be the most efficient, cost-conscious way to transport your products. That's because, in an LTL setup, you're only paying for the space your freight takes up. LTL shipping companies like RelyEx optimize LTL loads by choosing the most efficient routes at the best rates so your cargo gets to where it needs to go without any issues.

Business owners often choose LTL freight services in the following circumstances:

  • When freight is dense, large, or bulky
  • Freight exceeds a weight of 150 pounds
  • Crated or palletized shipments
  • When freight passes through distribution centers and local terminals
  • When a cost-effective freight solution is needed
  • When an entire tractor-trailer isn't needed for shipments

When it comes to LTL delivery options, there are a lot to choose from. But not every LTL broker is created equally. Some LTL companies do not have the tools or technology to track your shipments and optimize your routes. In worst-case scenarios, they may not be insured or reliable. If you're looking for an experienced LTL carrier that exceeds expectations with time-tested strategies and innovative technologies, look no further than RelyEx.

DifferenceThe RelyEx Difference

With more than two decades of experience in LTL operations, our team utilizes the power of GlobalTranz to compare rates across hundreds of approved carriers in the blink of an eye, while also providing the most cost-effective options for moving your freight. When you choose RelyEx for LTL shipping, you can leverage our expert team to handle your shipments. You can also manage the process yourself via GTZShip, which is Globaltranz's user-friendly management system. With GTZShip, you can access and compare LTL shipping rates, track your shipments, and manage your financials, all from one intuitive platform.

When it comes to LTL freight in Boston, MA, clients trust their products with RelyEx for many reasons, including the following:

 No-Cost LTL Freight Boston, MA
 LTL Freight Management Boston, MA

Industry-Leading Rates

Because GTZShip keeps outsized freight available, it can negotiate the best LTL rates on your behalf. Our clients can access these extra-low rates in one of two ways:

  • Work directly with our team of LTL shipping experts
  • Book your freight directly through GTZShip

Regardless of the option you choose, RelyEx's knowledgeable customer care reps will cover all of your LTL shipping options, so you can make an informed shipping and purchasing decision for your freight.

No-Cost LTL Freight Management Technology

Yes, you read that right - in addition to giving you access to industry-leading rates, RelyEx's partnership with GTZShip gives you full management of your freight. We're talking about access to reporting, tracking, and much more. This extensive visibility is essentially a one-stop shop for everything related to the status of your freight.

Unlike some LTL shipping software, this system requires no contracts or signup fees, making it simple to provide quotes and book immediately when you're ready. Whether you use GTZShip directly or rely on our team to book your freight, your company will always have access to this free technology.

 LTL Company Boston, MA
 LTL Shipping Boston, MA

Commitment to the Customer and Quality

While it's true that RelyEx provides customers with the best rates and technology in the LTL industry, we go above and beyond the normal call of duty. Why? Because we strive to treat your shipment as if it's our most important one. Put simply, we put a lot of time and effort into making sure we do things right the first time around. Our fierce commitment to the customer and to quality protects not only your reputation, but your bottom line by preventing lost customers and sales.

RelyEx excels at LTL shipping because we are:

  • Proactive problem solvers
  • Reliable partners who manage your LTL freight from beginning to end
  • Partners with strong vendor relationships
  • Attuned to client needs, with 30+ years of combined experience on the client side
  • Committed to accuracy, promptness of information, and transparency with every transaction

From dedicated LTL solutions to transactional relationships, RelyEx is here to help. Unlike other LTL companies, we get the job done right with customer-focused service, industry expertise, and Globaltranz's industry-leading Transportation Management System.

Expertise and Reliability When You Need It Most

Our dedicated team of LTL specialists provides you with the best freight visibility available, whether you need a few shipments a week or you need hundreds. In order to do so, we communicate with carriers throughout the entire shipping process, so you know your items are delivered on time. Though rare, if we spot an issue, we'll provide you with an alternative solution immediately.

Plus, if you have large quantities that need to be shipped, our team is happy to provide you with customized reporting for free. That way, you can access at-the-moment updates and important shipment documentation with a few clicks or taps.

 Shipping LTL Freight Boston, MA

Popular Methods of Shipping LTL Freight in Boston, MA

Depending on where and how often you ship LTL freight, your broker may choose a regional or national LTL carrier. Regional carriers often service a group of states within a region. National carriers have a larger footprint and can often eliminate the need to use several carriers for your shipments. RelyEx has the infrastructure and strategies for all of your LTL shipping - contact our office today to learn more about your options.

Though regional and national carriers are different, they often use similar models for shipping. Two of the most popular types of shipping methods include hub and spoke distribution and LTL consolidation.

 LTL Shipping Partner Boston, MA

What is Hub and Spoke LTL Freight Shipping?

In this traditional model, your shipments go through a network of warehouses, terminals, and hub facilities where your products are grouped with other shipments. Your freight then travels to local "spokes" (or terminals), where they are delivered. If you need to ship freight over short distances, this model may be a good choice to consider.

Some common benefits of the hub and spoke model include:

  • Economical and efficient
  • Improved pickup times
  • More regular delivery times
  • More visibility and easy tracking
LTL Freight Shipping Boston, MA
 No-Cost LTL Freight Boston, MA

What is Consolidated LTL Freight Shipping?

LTL consolidated shipping is a model where LTL carriers bring several shipments from different shippers to a final destination. Instead of using hubs and spokes along the shipping route to bundle freight and move cargo, LTL consolidation works by taking multiple shipments and turning them into a single truckload. This truck then makes multiple stops, where your products are delivered.

Some of the most common benefits of LTL consolidation include:

  • Less freight handling
  • Good for fragile or large freight
  • Fewer claims
  • Less cargo damage
  • Cost-effective pricing

At RelyEx, our goal is to expertly manage the movement of your freight so you can focus on your core business. With more than 20 years of combined experience with LTL freight shipping in Boston, MA, our team can select the most efficient and cost-effective model for your needs. That way, you can accomplish your day-to-day tasks while we handle the heavy lifting and any logistical challenges.

An LTL Shipping Partner You Can Trust

At RelyEx, we believe that trustworthy, comprehensive, and streamlined LTL shipping options are better for your business. And for us, what's better for your business is better for ours. That's why, when it comes to LTL shipping, we work tirelessly to ensure every aspect of your freight experience is embedded excellence. We take this unique approach because our management were once customers like you. They were people who, for one reason or another, had to deal with frustrating and often unsolved shipping and logistics challenges. Today, we take pride in solving those challenges and only partner with carriers who match our high standards.

If you're looking for an LTL company in Boston, MA that prioritizes customer service, strong communication, and proactive thinking, we're here to help you avoid delayed shipments and missed expectations.

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Latest News in Boston, MA

Where to find cooling centers as Massachusetts endures extreme heat, humidity

NEEDHAM, Mass. —Temperatures across Massachusetts and New England will soar into the 90s Thursday, with a surge of humidity making temperatures feel like they're close to 100 degrees.The heat dome that has led to record-smashing temperatures across the western United States is spread eastward into Massachusetts and New England."Although we are not going to get into the core (of the heat dome), we are going to get some of that heat building in," StormTeam 5 chief meteorologist Cindy Fitzgi...

NEEDHAM, Mass. —

Temperatures across Massachusetts and New England will soar into the 90s Thursday, with a surge of humidity making temperatures feel like they're close to 100 degrees.

The heat dome that has led to record-smashing temperatures across the western United States is spread eastward into Massachusetts and New England.

"Although we are not going to get into the core (of the heat dome), we are going to get some of that heat building in," StormTeam 5 chief meteorologist Cindy Fitzgibbon said.

Hearst Owned

A heat advisory was issued for Thursday and Friday across most of eastern Massachusetts, and a heat emergency was declared for Boston.

Boston cooling centers | Worcester cooling centers

"With the higher humidity and higher temperatures, that heat index will be running near 100 degrees," Fitzgibbon said.


Adorable Cavapoo looking for forever home after life-saving heart surgery

Taking breaks from the heat and staying hydrated will be critically important as the temperature soars above 90.

Dr. Ali Raja, an emergency physician at Mass General, says, above all, pay attention to your body. "We are starting to feel a little dizzy, nauseated, or we can start sweating a lot, and that can be a sign of heat exhaustion," Raja said. "At that point, you're OK, but you really need to move it inside or take a break."

Raja says people can progress really quickly from heat exhaustion to heat stroke, especially if they're older. Raja says it's time to call 911 if confusion sets in or someone loses consciousness.

Many towns around New England will likely see the first heat wave of the summer. A heat wave is defined as three consecutive days with a high temperature of 90 degrees or higher.

A slow-moving cold front will move toward New England late Friday night and Saturday. The front will touch off more thunderstorms to start the weekend. Temperatures will still flirt with 90 degrees on Saturday before things cool off a bit for Sunday.

Video: Ways to keep your air conditioner running smoothly in heat waves

MacKenzie Gore’s strong start halted by blister; Nats rally past Red Sox


MacKenzie Gore had been so efficient Wednesday night that when his first-pitch change-up to Boston’s Trevor Story with one out in the seventh inning made catcher Keibert Ruiz stand up to reel it in, it set off alarms. The Washington Nationals left-hander looked down at his hand, then wiped it on his side. Meanwhile, Manager Dave Martinez and a trainer were already out of the dugout to check on the 24-year-old.

Gore stood on the mound for a few moments, then walked off with a trainer and headed to the dugout, where he stayed until Jordan Weems worked out of the inning with the Nationals still holding a two-run lead. The concern for the young pitcher, a key part of Washington’s rebuild, was far greater than the result of a mid-August game for a team hoping to climb out of the basement of the National League East.

As it happened, Martinez said after the game that Gore was simply dealing with a split fingernail and a blister on his middle finger — news far more important to the long-term health of the franchise than the Nationals’ 6-2 win over the Red Sox (63-57), a result sealed by back-to-back home runs from Ruiz (a three-run blast) and Stone Garrett (his second of the game) in the eighth inning. The Nationals (54-67) have won 13 of their past 16 at home.

“That was frustrating, but [the blister] is something I deal with, so there’s no panic button or anything,” said Gore, who also left a July outing in Philadelphia early with a similar issue but made his next start. “There was a lot of good tonight. We got ahead of guys. Keibert was awesome. Turned a lot of double plays, and we hit some big homers.”

Weems yielded a two-run homer to Pablo Reyes in the eighth to inject some drama into the game and keep Gore from earning a win, which felt unfair considering how well he pitched: 6⅓ innings, seven strikeouts, two walks and just one hit allowed. He threw 56 of his 85 pitches for strikes and kept the bats of an American League wild-card contender quiet.

If Gore’s outing proved anything, it’s that life is much easier when you’re ahead. Gore had a two-run lead thanks to solo home runs by Michael Chavis in the third and Garrett in the fourth.

Gore threw first-pitch strikes to 17 of the 22 hitters he faced, including the errant pitch to Story. He primarily attacked with fastballs high in the zone that the Red Sox watched for strikes, swung through or didn’t make solid contact on if they did put the ball in play.

Svrluga: After big-money teams sputter, Nats' payroll plan looks better and better

Gore’s struggles this season have hinged on his inability to put hitters away when he gets ahead in the count, though he showed in the first inning that wouldn’t be an issue Wednesday. In the first frame, he needed three pitches to get Rob Refsnyder to pop out, four to strike out Justin Turner swinging and just two to get Rafael Devers to pop out in foul territory. He retired the first 10 batters he faced.

“His stuff is electric,” Martinez said. “He’s got to understand what he wants to do every fifth day. . . . But when he has command of his fastball and he pounds the zone, everything else works for him. But his stuff is really good. The key is putting himself in situations where he’s walking and getting deep in counts — just finishing hitters off and trusting your defense. Today, that’s what he did.”

The Nationals have put an emphasis on building around their starting pitching, which is why the development of Gore and Josiah Gray is crucial. Gore is now at 123⅓ innings on the season, well above his career high. And outings like Wednesday’s are proof he’s learning and growing from each start.

“He can be really good,” Ruiz said. “We’ve just got to keep working hard, keep learning about everything. For him, when he attacks the zone and throws a lot of strikes, he’s really good.”

It helps that he can grow with Ruiz, the Nationals’ 25-year-old catcher. Ruiz also happens to be the team’s hottest hitter, entering Wednesday’s game hitting .340 in August and showing improved plate discipline.

And when he stepped to the plate against Garrett Whitlock with the score tied in the eighth and two runners on, he blasted his fourth home run in eight days into the center field seats, paving the way for a win.

“I feel like I’m just not trying to do too much, being more patient and watching for my pitch,” Ruiz said. “I’m having good results, and I just got to keep it going.”

Note: Tanner Rainey and Mason Thompson will start rehab assignments Thursday. Rainey will head to low Class A Fredericksburg, while Thompson will join Class AA Harrisburg. Both players threw simulated games Tuesday and reported no ill effects Wednesday.

Thompson, who has been sidelined for the past two weeks with a left knee contusion, is closer to returning than Rainey. Rainey is working his way back from Tommy John surgery, so Martinez said it could take him more time to get back into game shape. Martinez said he wants Rainey not to rush and, most importantly, to leave his outing healthy.


Bruins sign former Harvard center John Farinacci to two-year contract

John Farinacci will be sticking around town a little while longer.The Bruins signed the former Harvard center to a two-year entry-level contract Wednesday that comes with an annual salary cap hit of $910,000. The New Jersey native played at Dexter-Southfield in Brookline and then spent three seasons playing for the Crimson. Harvard coach Ted Donato is Farinacci’s uncle.Farinacci was originally a third-round pick of the Coyotes in 2019 but never signed. Because he played four years of amateur hockey (three at Harvard and a...

John Farinacci will be sticking around town a little while longer.

The Bruins signed the former Harvard center to a two-year entry-level contract Wednesday that comes with an annual salary cap hit of $910,000. The New Jersey native played at Dexter-Southfield in Brookline and then spent three seasons playing for the Crimson. Harvard coach Ted Donato is Farinacci’s uncle.

Farinacci was originally a third-round pick of the Coyotes in 2019 but never signed. Because he played four years of amateur hockey (three at Harvard and another with the Muskegon Lumberjacks of the USHL), Farinacci was granted unrestricted free agency Tuesday. It was a path similar to the ones taken by former Bruin Blake Wheeler and ex-Harvard forward Jimmy Vesey.

Farinacci quickly came to an agreement with Bruins general manager — and fellow Harvard man — Don Sweeney Tuesday night.

Continuing his career in Boston was “always something in the back of my mind,” said Farinacci, who collected 23 goals and 59 points in 78 games for the Crimson. His 2022-23 season was truncated by a herniated disk in his lower back.

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“I loved everything the Bruins had to offer, and I’m super excited,” said Farinacci, who did have some brief talks with other teams. “Nothing could compare to the opportunity to join the Bruins.”

Related: David Krejci was an underappreciated star at the heart of a Bruins revival, and his farewell marks the end of an era

Farinacci said he hadn’t had any conversations with Ted Donato, or his cousin, Ryan, both of whom played at Harvard and were drafted by the Bruins, because the deal came together so quickly.

Farinacci, who described himself as “a 200-foot centerman,” said it took some time to adjust playing for Donato.

“He went from being Uncle Teddy for the first 17 years [of my life] to Coach Donato pretty quickly,” said Farinacci, who served as a captain at Harvard. “I really learned so much from him.”

The 6-foot, 185-pound Farinacci, who won a gold medal with Team USA at the 2021 World Junior Championships in Edmonton, said Patrice Bergeron is a player he watched a lot and tries to emulate.

“The way he played was amazing,” he said. “That’s a guy I try to play like.”

Seven wonders of the sports world


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WATCH: Associate editor Stan Grossfeld shares stories from visits to his seven wonders of the sports world, from Fenway Park to Lambeau Field.

Arlington walkers, joggers not told popular trail flooding was actually sewage

ARLINGTON - Imagine taking a stroll down a rainy bike path and having no idea you are stepping in sewage. Neighbors in Arlington say it happens all too often, and they are sick of it.Last Tuesday, the Alewife Greenway bike path flooded with water from the nearby Alewife Brook. Neighbors say the waterway is a sewage dump for a few different sewer systems. These dumps are called combined sewer overflows, or CSOs. When heavy rains hit, sewer water gets pumped into the brook to release stress on the system.Last week, a CSO dump coi...

ARLINGTON - Imagine taking a stroll down a rainy bike path and having no idea you are stepping in sewage. Neighbors in Arlington say it happens all too often, and they are sick of it.

Last Tuesday, the Alewife Greenway bike path flooded with water from the nearby Alewife Brook. Neighbors say the waterway is a sewage dump for a few different sewer systems. These dumps are called combined sewer overflows, or CSOs. When heavy rains hit, sewer water gets pumped into the brook to release stress on the system.

Last week, a CSO dump coincided with the heavy flooding of the bike path. People were seen walking, biking and pushing children in strollers through the sewage water. Neighbors say those people had no idea despite the smell.

"Anybody going through it would have been wading through sewage," said David Stoff, a neighbor and member of an advocacy group called Save The Alewife Brook.

"You need to know whether what you are walking in is contaminated," Stoff told WBZ-TV. "There's a legal duty to notify the people using that street, and that duty has been avoided."

Stoff says there is an email system in place to warn people. However, neighbors say, visitors may not know it exists.

"There are six CSOs in the Alewife, and you have to subscribe to three systems in order to get notified," says Kristin Anderson, and fellow member of Save The Alewife Brook. "A lot of people think you subscribe to one, and you will know when sewage in the Alewife Brook. That's not true."

They want to see the EPA step in and increase notifications in real-time. They point to a lighting system seen on the Potomac River.

"You see a light go on, and that lets you know sewage discharge triggered the light," explains Stoff.

The neighbors have formed a group called Save the Alewife Brook. The group has started a growing petition to ask the EPA to make a change. In addition to the lighting system, they want to see a CSO treatment system for the sewer runoff water.

"Twenty years ago, they weren't telling anyone, and my neighbors and I were ... received flood waters in our home - it came right in through the back door - and we got sick."

"1910 or 1911, that was the end of maintenance for the Alewife Brook. Nothing has been done since then," adds Stoff. "When you get six to eight inches of rain, that water goes into the adjacent houses here."

WBZ contacted the EPA for comment, but have yet to receive a response.

A different beast: Bruins still in win-now mode even without Bergeron, Krejci

Saying good-bye to Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci might mark something different for the Boston Bruins if they were more similar to...

Saying good-bye to Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci might mark something different for the Boston Bruins if they were more similar to other really good teams.

Usually, when your first- and second-line centres hang ‘em up, it’s a sure sign a cohort of close-in-age players who’ve won together are ready to move on, creating a natural pivot point for an organization that needs to start again.

Duncan Keith, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, more or less, came to the end of the road with the Chicago Blackhawks around the same point. When Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang are done chasing Cups, the Penguins can kick off a rebuild by trading Erik Karlsson ahead of the final year on his contract.

Even in Tampa Bay, Steven Stamkos, Victor Hedman and Nikita Kucherov are all within three years of each other.

Livestream sports on SN NOW SN Now gives you 24/7 access to livestream your favourite sports in HD on any screen. Choose a plan that is right for you. SN NOW is only available in Canada.


The record-setting Bruins from last year are a different beast, though. Their No. 1 centre — Bergeron — was 37 years old. But top winger David Pastrnak just turned 27 in May and stud D-man Charlie McAvoy won’t hit 26 until Christmas. Both are locked up on massive, long-term contracts.

Yes, there’s a gaping hole up the middle in Boston now, but this team is going to keep the pedal pinned to the floor in win-now mode.

And pin it, they should

The Bruins have operated under somewhat-exceptional circumstances each of the past two summers wondering if Bergeron and Krejci would return. Twelve months ago the answer was yes; this time it’s something different.

There is, however, another unique situation in the league right now Boston might be able to exploit in that two very, very good centres could be had via trade. Both Elias Lindholm of the Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jet Mark Scheifele are one year away from unrestricted free agency with more than a little summer-long speculation their time with their current clubs could end before July 1 of 2024.

Scheifele, in particular, would seem like a dream fit for Boston.

Nobody is going to replicate Bergeron in terms of being a two-way presence, to say nothing of the calm, sturdy leadership he brought to the club. But if you’re forced into replacing a right-shot centre at the top of your lineup, you could sure do worse than slotting in another righty who comes in a six-foot-three package and just set a career high with 42 goals in the same season he turned 30.

There’s no denying a Scheifele move would be tricky for Boston on a couple of fronts. First off, the B’s have a bottom-five farm system and have already spent significant draft capital at recent trade deadlines trying, in vain, to bring the second title in careers of Bergeron and Krejci to Massachusetts. The futures Boston can offer just might not tantalize the Jets all that much.

Also, there’s that pesky salary cap that won’t be increasing for another year. The Bruins are already up against it, so squeezing in Scheifele’s hit of $6.1 million for 2023-24 would take some work.

Still, GM Don Sweeney could find a way.

Let’s tackle those issues in the order presented. The B’s may not have a glut of good prospects, but their best one — 20-year-old Fabian Lysell — just finished his rookie season in the AHL and could be ready for NHL action next fall. The Jets made it known while negotiating to move another centre, Pierre-Luc Dubois, that they preferred young NHL talent to pure futures. Lysell sort of fits that bill and even if he needs another AHL year to marinate, Winnipeg is already adding 23-year-old Gabe Vilardi from the Dubois swap with L.A. Put Lysell together with a first-round pick and surely you’ve got the foundation of a deal that would see Scheifele come to Boston and ink an extension — as Dubois did — as part of the deal.

From the Bruins’ perspective, you’re in for a penny, in for a pound. What’s the point of hugging prospects or draft picks now? You might as well explode what little powder you have remaining and deal with the smoldering crater down the road.

As for the salary cap, there’s no way around some difficult discussion that start and end with Jeremy Swayman. The goaltender entered the summer on more than one ‘trade candidates’ board around the Internet because, as an RFA, he was in need of a new deal and the Bruins are perpetually in need of salary cap space. At the start of this month, Swayman was awarded a $3.5-million salary by an arbitrator and the team chose a one-year term.

Trading a 24-year-old goalie and breaking up the best tandem in the league would hurt. But given the interest Swayman would generate — he’s still an RFA next summer — you have to think Boston could not only find several suitors, but one that might also take an additional salary — for example, both Matt Grzelcyk and Derek Forbort each have one year remaining on their deals with hits of $3 million or more — off the Bruins’ hands if it meant giving up a little less for Swayman.

Again, it’s not pleasant, but think of what the Bruins would be left with once the dust settles.

First, off, you’re slotting hockey-obsessed Scheifele in as your 1C for a long time. He’d be supported by second-line centre Pavel Zacha, who broke out last year with a 57-point season and, at 26, could make the four-year extension worth $4.75 annually he signed eight months ago look very team friendly in the coming years. Put Charlie Coyle behind those two and you’re looking at a trio of six-foot-three guys down the middle, with Rocket Richard candidate Pastrnak locked up forever on the wing and Brad Marchand — signed through 2024-25 — still an incredibly effective two-way player on the flank, too.

On the blueline you’ve got McAvoy — bound to win a Norris one of these years — and No. 2 D-man Hampus Lindholm under team control through the end of this decade. A third important defenceman, Brandon Carlo, is signed through 2026-27. At 29, Lindholm is easily the senior citizen of that group.

You’re going to take a hit in goal, but there are always make-it-work solutions for a backup and you’ve still got the reigning Vezina Trophy winner in Linas Ullmark, 30, serving as your No. 1 for at least two more years.

And I’d far rather be looking for a second goalie than a No. 1 centre.

Much of what’s been laid out above applies, too, if the Bruins pursued Lindholm from Calgary. And whether you’re talking about Scheifele or Lindholm, you have to think Boston — a good organization in a great city that offers a chance to win now — is well positioned to acquire those players in a scenario that would see them land with an extension in hand.

This is a time to be teary for Bruins fans; ‘Bergy’ and ‘Krech’ were franchise icons and the 1-2 on a Cup-winner. When the eyes clear, though, they’ll see there’s only one way forward for this team and that’s all in, full steam ahead.


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