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Statistics from the US Department of Transportation show more than 700,000 registered motor carriers are traversing our highways and roads. These trucks, which can be packed with everything from bricks and stone to dog food and grocery items, keep thousands of American businesses afloat. For business owners shipping these products across the country, precise planning and high-level tracking are required. But with increasing rates and a wide range of delays to overcome, overseeing a shipment of LTL freight is easier said than done.

For overworked business owners, managing multiple shipments can seem impossible in today's freight landscape. But the reality is that many businesses rely on less-than-truckload shipments to keep their doors open. When these shipments are compromised, their business is too. But there's a viable solution: LTL freight brokers in Fort Worth, TX like RelyEx provide reliable solutions to common LTL shipment problems, eliminating the stress and worry of LTL shipping.

With more than 30 combined years of LTL experience and a solutions-oriented team, RelyEx is your go-to choice for streamlined, efficient LTL shipping services. To understand the true value of RelyEx's less-than-truckload shipping options, it helps to understand first what LTL shipping is and why it's used.

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LTL Freight Shipping Fort Worth, TX

ShippingThe Basics of LTL Freight Shipping

In the freight industry, LTL stands for "less-than-truckload." It is a widely-used method of transportation for smaller shipments that don't require the space of a full truckload. In an LTL shipment, several customers' loads are placed onto one truck, which helps reduce how much it costs to ship those products.

In fact, if your freight doesn't fill an entire trailer but weighs 150-15,000 lbs., LTL freight shipping in Fort Worth, TX, may be the most efficient, cost-conscious way to transport your products. That's because, in an LTL setup, you're only paying for the space your freight takes up. LTL shipping companies like RelyEx optimize LTL loads by choosing the most efficient routes at the best rates so your cargo gets to where it needs to go without any issues.

Business owners often choose LTL freight services in the following circumstances:

  • When freight is dense, large, or bulky
  • Freight exceeds a weight of 150 pounds
  • Crated or palletized shipments
  • When freight passes through distribution centers and local terminals
  • When a cost-effective freight solution is needed
  • When an entire tractor-trailer isn't needed for shipments

When it comes to LTL delivery options, there are a lot to choose from. But not every LTL broker is created equally. Some LTL companies do not have the tools or technology to track your shipments and optimize your routes. In worst-case scenarios, they may not be insured or reliable. If you're looking for an experienced LTL carrier that exceeds expectations with time-tested strategies and innovative technologies, look no further than RelyEx.

DifferenceThe RelyEx Difference

With more than two decades of experience in LTL operations, our team utilizes the power of GlobalTranz to compare rates across hundreds of approved carriers in the blink of an eye, while also providing the most cost-effective options for moving your freight. When you choose RelyEx for LTL shipping, you can leverage our expert team to handle your shipments. You can also manage the process yourself via GTZShip, which is Globaltranz's user-friendly management system. With GTZShip, you can access and compare LTL shipping rates, track your shipments, and manage your financials, all from one intuitive platform.

When it comes to LTL freight in Fort Worth, TX, clients trust their products with RelyEx for many reasons, including the following:

 No-Cost LTL Freight Fort Worth, TX
 LTL Freight Management Fort Worth, TX

Industry-Leading Rates

Because GTZShip keeps outsized freight available, it can negotiate the best LTL rates on your behalf. Our clients can access these extra-low rates in one of two ways:

  • Work directly with our team of LTL shipping experts
  • Book your freight directly through GTZShip

Regardless of the option you choose, RelyEx's knowledgeable customer care reps will cover all of your LTL shipping options, so you can make an informed shipping and purchasing decision for your freight.

No-Cost LTL Freight Management Technology

Yes, you read that right - in addition to giving you access to industry-leading rates, RelyEx's partnership with GTZShip gives you full management of your freight. We're talking about access to reporting, tracking, and much more. This extensive visibility is essentially a one-stop shop for everything related to the status of your freight.

Unlike some LTL shipping software, this system requires no contracts or signup fees, making it simple to provide quotes and book immediately when you're ready. Whether you use GTZShip directly or rely on our team to book your freight, your company will always have access to this free technology.

 LTL Company Fort Worth, TX
 LTL Shipping Fort Worth, TX

Commitment to the Customer and Quality

While it's true that RelyEx provides customers with the best rates and technology in the LTL industry, we go above and beyond the normal call of duty. Why? Because we strive to treat your shipment as if it's our most important one. Put simply, we put a lot of time and effort into making sure we do things right the first time around. Our fierce commitment to the customer and to quality protects not only your reputation, but your bottom line by preventing lost customers and sales.

RelyEx excels at LTL shipping because we are:

  • Proactive problem solvers
  • Reliable partners who manage your LTL freight from beginning to end
  • Partners with strong vendor relationships
  • Attuned to client needs, with 30+ years of combined experience on the client side
  • Committed to accuracy, promptness of information, and transparency with every transaction

From dedicated LTL solutions to transactional relationships, RelyEx is here to help. Unlike other LTL companies, we get the job done right with customer-focused service, industry expertise, and Globaltranz's industry-leading Transportation Management System.

Expertise and Reliability When You Need It Most

Our dedicated team of LTL specialists provides you with the best freight visibility available, whether you need a few shipments a week or you need hundreds. In order to do so, we communicate with carriers throughout the entire shipping process, so you know your items are delivered on time. Though rare, if we spot an issue, we'll provide you with an alternative solution immediately.

Plus, if you have large quantities that need to be shipped, our team is happy to provide you with customized reporting for free. That way, you can access at-the-moment updates and important shipment documentation with a few clicks or taps.

 Shipping LTL Freight Fort Worth, TX

Popular Methods of Shipping LTL Freight in Fort Worth, TX

Depending on where and how often you ship LTL freight, your broker may choose a regional or national LTL carrier. Regional carriers often service a group of states within a region. National carriers have a larger footprint and can often eliminate the need to use several carriers for your shipments. RelyEx has the infrastructure and strategies for all of your LTL shipping - contact our office today to learn more about your options.

Though regional and national carriers are different, they often use similar models for shipping. Two of the most popular types of shipping methods include hub and spoke distribution and LTL consolidation.

 LTL Shipping Partner Fort Worth, TX

What is Hub and Spoke LTL Freight Shipping?

In this traditional model, your shipments go through a network of warehouses, terminals, and hub facilities where your products are grouped with other shipments. Your freight then travels to local "spokes" (or terminals), where they are delivered. If you need to ship freight over short distances, this model may be a good choice to consider.

Some common benefits of the hub and spoke model include:

  • Economical and efficient
  • Improved pickup times
  • More regular delivery times
  • More visibility and easy tracking
LTL Freight Shipping Fort Worth, TX
 No-Cost LTL Freight Fort Worth, TX

What is Consolidated LTL Freight Shipping?

LTL consolidated shipping is a model where LTL carriers bring several shipments from different shippers to a final destination. Instead of using hubs and spokes along the shipping route to bundle freight and move cargo, LTL consolidation works by taking multiple shipments and turning them into a single truckload. This truck then makes multiple stops, where your products are delivered.

Some of the most common benefits of LTL consolidation include:

  • Less freight handling
  • Good for fragile or large freight
  • Fewer claims
  • Less cargo damage
  • Cost-effective pricing

At RelyEx, our goal is to expertly manage the movement of your freight so you can focus on your core business. With more than 20 years of combined experience with LTL freight shipping in Fort Worth, TX, our team can select the most efficient and cost-effective model for your needs. That way, you can accomplish your day-to-day tasks while we handle the heavy lifting and any logistical challenges.

An LTL Shipping Partner You Can Trust

At RelyEx, we believe that trustworthy, comprehensive, and streamlined LTL shipping options are better for your business. And for us, what's better for your business is better for ours. That's why, when it comes to LTL shipping, we work tirelessly to ensure every aspect of your freight experience is embedded excellence. We take this unique approach because our management were once customers like you. They were people who, for one reason or another, had to deal with frustrating and often unsolved shipping and logistics challenges. Today, we take pride in solving those challenges and only partner with carriers who match our high standards.

If you're looking for an LTL company in Fort Worth, TX that prioritizes customer service, strong communication, and proactive thinking, we're here to help you avoid delayed shipments and missed expectations.

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Latest News in Fort Worth, TX

Shocking sudden closure leads this round of Fort Worth restaurant news

This roundup of restaurant news around Fort Worth has much good news: ice cream in Southlake, ramen in Keller, salads in Denton, and pizza in the Near Southside.Sadly, there's a big closure and the clock is ticking.Here's what's happening in Fort Worth restaurant news:Boozie's Brewery & Gourmet Sandwiches, the full-service brewpub featuring bountiful sandwiches, is closing. The concept — fr...

This roundup of restaurant news around Fort Worth has much good news: ice cream in Southlake, ramen in Keller, salads in Denton, and pizza in the Near Southside.

Sadly, there's a big closure and the clock is ticking.

Here's what's happening in Fort Worth restaurant news:

Boozie's Brewery & Gourmet Sandwiches, the full-service brewpub featuring bountiful sandwiches, is closing. The concept — from a team that included Bruce Conti, who is also the landlord, plus chef David Hollister and brewer Bobby Mullins — opened two locations mere months ago: one in Fort Worth in the former Wild Acre brewpub space at 6479 Camp Bowie Blvd. and a second location in Fairview.

Hollister, an acclaimed chef who made the list of Top 10 Chefs in CultureMap's 2023 Tastemaker Awards, confirms that the restaurants are closing, saying he only just learned of the closures himself.

"It was definitely fast and unexpected, and after only four months," he says, more graciously than surely any person on the planet would be under the circumstances.

Hollister was previously at Wild Acre, but Fort Worth diners remember him best for his Dagwood’s sandwich shops – one on Foch Street and the other by Ridgmar Mall. Wherever he goes, sandwich fans follow for favorites like the Reuben with house-brined Akaushi Wagyu pastrami, and the Cuban Press with braised Duroc pork shoulder.

The Fort Worth Boozie's also earned a spot on CultureMap's monthly Where to Drink column in March, where it was lauded for its craft cocktails and multiple beers on tap.

The restaurants will remain open for the rest of the week with generous discounts, including $7 for all sandwiches and $5 for drinks.

"We’ll be here until Sunday for the staff we do have left to make some money while they're looking for another job," Hollister says. "Some of these guys I was able to place at other restaurants but, if anyone knows of any leads of places looking for help, I’d love to pass the information along."

Boozie's is not the only sudden shutter with which Conti has been involved: 38 & Vine, an innovative wine bar in Fort Worth that notably allowed customers to pour self-serve sips, was forced to close abruptly in April; Conti was a partner in the business.

Handel's Ice Cream, the acclaimed ice cream shop concept from the Northeast, is about to open a location in Southlake at 2645 E. Southlake Blvd.; a spokesperson confirms that they'll be opening "soon." Headquartered in Ohio, Handel's made their debut in Texas in 2019, where they currently have 10 locations either open or about to be, including Flower Mound, Grapevine, Plano, and McKinney, along with locations in the Northeast, Arizona, Alabama, California, Oregon, and Nevada. Founder Alice Handel first began serving ice cream out of her husband's gas station in Youngstown, made with fruit picked from her own backyard. The menu now includes more than 150 flavors of ice cream and yogurt, although shops don't have that many at one time. They're known for good-quality ingredients and for making their ice cream daily, starting with a base made by Handel's corporate that's shipped to the store. They also offer unique Northeast-style flavors such as peppermint stick, black raspberry truffle, and orange pineapple, and eight vanilla options including vanilla, vanilla raspberry chip, and vanilla with lemon Oreos.

Hoshi Ramen has opened in Keller at 1301 Keller Pwky. #200 with ramen, soba and udon noodles, rice bowls, and salads. They have six varieties of ramen including the classic Hoshi ramen, Texas ramen with brisket and chicken karaage, kimchi ramen, veggie ramen, and bulgogi ramen with Korean BBQ beef. Other dishes include korokke (Japanese potato croquettes), steamed BBQ pork buns, bulgogi salad, tonkatsu, and fried shrimp curry rice. Hoshi is from Fort Worth resident Injun Shim, who also owns Taki Ramen Japanese Noodle and Pub in Wichita Falls. They'll serve sake, soju, wine, and beer, once they acquire a liquor license.

Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar, the upscale pizzeria from Rich Hicks (Tin Star, Mooyah, Taco Lingo) has opened its long-awaited location in Fort Worth, at 1301 W. Magnolia St., which they announced on Facebook. The pizza is among the best in Dallas, featuring fermented dough with an emphasis on the thin crust rather than an avalanche of toppings, designed by Giovanni Mauro, a veteran chef and pizzaiolo who has owned restaurants such as Old School Pizzeria and Nora's Wine Bar in Las Vegas; he and Hicks worked together back in the early days of Romano's Macaroni Grill. The first location debuted in mid-2016 in Dallas' Design District, where it pioneered the concept's menu of pizzas, pastas, beer, and wine. Hopefully not too sophisticated for Fort Worth, although one comment posted on the page is not reassuring: "The pizza really needs more cheese," the comment says. "I just tried it and Domino's is better. What's missing is the cheese."

Salata has opened a location in South Denton at 1931 S. Loop 288 with built-to-order salads & wraps, soups, tea, and lemonade. The chain has five salad bases, 50+ toppings, and 11 dressings. This is the 92nd location nationwide, and is from franchisees Todd & Joanna Jones, who plan to open more locations in Denton.

Razzoo's Cajun Cafe has launched a new menu which includes the return of customer favorite Firemouth Wings. Other new items include bacon-wrapped shrimp with jalapeño, crab cakes, peel & eat shrimp, Creole pork chop with jalapeño cheese sauce, mashed potatoes & green beans, blackened redfish over dirty rice, shrimp Carnivale with bell pepper & onions, and chicken stuffed with boudin.

Melting Pot has a new Best Fondue Friends Forever (BFFF) menu, with a 3- or 4-course meal featuring Melting Pot’s enhanced BFFF cheese and chocolate fondue plus new offerings like Bacon Mac & Cheese Fondue topped with crispy bacon, and Lavender & Blueberry Chocolate Fondue, with white chocolate and blueberries topped with decadent blackberry "caviar."

Fuzzy's Taco Shop has three new limited-edition menu items featuring elote: an Elote side, a 6-ounce portion made with corn, queso, jalapenos, feta, and Fuzzy Dust; Chicken Elote Double Stack Taco with elote, fajita chicken, and rice; Chicken Elote Bowl with the same ingredients in a bowl. Available through Sunday June 18.

Tiff's Treats is bringing back their signature Chip's Mix, a special two-dozen package with chocolate, double chocolate, oatmeal, and peanut butter chocolate chip varieties, available through May 21, for $42. Tiff's Treats uses a one-of-a-kind variety of custom-made chocolate chips, a little-known secret that, thanks to CultureMap, is a secret no longer.

Starbucks has introduced its summer 2023 beverages: Chocolate Java Mint Frappuccino features blended Frappuccino roast coffee, chocolate, mint, and Frappuccino chips, finished with a layer of mocha sauce, whipped cream, and a chocolate cookie mint sprinkle topping; and White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew, featuring Starbucks Cold Brew sweetened with macadamia syrup, topped with white chocolate macadamia cream cold foam, and finished with toasted cookie crumbles.

The old-timey Clown Burger restaurant near Fort Worth thrives under new owner

You can’t keep a good Clown down.An ownership change has rejuvenated Clown Burger, a beloved 1950s-style burger grill at 5020 Stanley Keller Road.Clown Burger’s long-standing owners, the Louthan family, always vowed nothing wou...

You can’t keep a good Clown down.

An ownership change has rejuvenated Clown Burger, a beloved 1950s-style burger grill at 5020 Stanley Keller Road.

Clown Burger’s long-standing owners, the Louthan family, always vowed nothing would change from the day the Clown opened on East Belknap Street in 1959.

Now, regulars say new owner Willie Odell is upholding that legacy.

Odell has added a few menu items. Onion rings are now a big seller. Fried pickles and jalapeno poppers weren’t standard 1950s fare.

The dining rooms are brighter and less cluttered, and Odell also added tables outside.

Fountain drinks and ice cream floats are coming soon, he said.

But the ⅙-pound thin-patty burgers (order a double or triple) and fries didn’t change, he said.

If Clown Burger looks like an ancient throwback, “that’s the way I’m going to try to keep it,” said Odell, the former owner of popular Burgers & More on nearby Broadway Avenue.

“I don’t want to change a thing about the atmosphere,” he said — “I want to keep it like the same old place people love.”

Matt and Willie Odell bought Clown Burger from the Louthans last year, cleaned it up and replaced some kitchen equipment. They reopened in January.

One change: Clown Burger is now open until 7 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays, giving families from nearby cities more time to come out after school, work or games.

For now, the crowd comes mostly at lunch. But Odell plans to add an outdoor patio that will draw business on mild evenings.

Also coming: a working jukebox. Odell found an antique and is filling it with 45-rpm vinyl. He hopes to connect it to the 1960s speakers at each table.

So the Clown is changing its look, but not its era.

The original 1959 restaurant was a drive-in with a canopy at 5512 E. Belknap when that street was the main highway north to Denton and Oklahoma or east to Dallas via Texas 183.

The current location, 1 mile south of Loop 820, opened in 1994. The original Clown closed in 1995.

Clown Burger is open for lunch and early dinner Tuesdays through Saturdays; 817-782-9961,

This story was originally published May 19, 2023, 5:30 AM.

Fort Worth’s Texas A&M campus breaks ground next month

Dirt will fly as construction begins in June on the new Law and Education Building on the Texas A&M University-Fort Worth campus.During a meeting on Thursday, May 18, the Texas A&M University System’s Board of Regents appropriated the $150 million needed for construction of the eight-story building that will anchor a new research campus in southeast downtown.The Law and Education Building will be the first of three high-rise structures...

Dirt will fly as construction begins in June on the new Law and Education Building on the Texas A&M University-Fort Worth campus.

During a meeting on Thursday, May 18, the Texas A&M University System’s Board of Regents appropriated the $150 million needed for construction of the eight-story building that will anchor a new research campus in southeast downtown.

The Law and Education Building will be the first of three high-rise structures to be built and financed by the Texas A&M System, the city of Fort Worth, Tarrant County and the private sector.

“Our goal is to spur business and job growth in one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities and throughout North Texas,” said Chancellor John Sharp, in a news release. “This is a gamechanger for everyone involved.”

The Law and Education Building, which will become the new home to Texas A&M’s School of Law, also will house courses in engineering, health care, nursing and other subjects offered by Texas A&M University, Texas A&M Health and Tarleton State University.

City officials, business leaders and educators have been enthusiastic about the project from the start.

1 / 7

“It is exciting to see this project continue to march forward,” said Mayor Mattie Parker, in a statement. “Texas A&M-Fort Worth will be home to life-changing workforce development and world-changing research, ushering in an exciting new wave of development and opportunity in downtown Fort Worth.”

The campus, to be built across four city blocks, will include a Research and Innovation Building where the private sector, including some of the area’s largest employers, and the A&M System’s agencies can collaborate. The Gateway Building will house offices, more classroom and meeting spaces, and a conference center.

Texas A&M University officials say they expect to complete the campus by 2027.

While construction on the Law and Education Building begins next month, the accelerated schedule means some final design decisions, such as the color of the bricks, will be made in the coming weeks, according to A&M officials.

The approval of the new building follows on the heels of the Texas A&M University School of Law now being ranked 29th nationally among law schools, according to the U.S. News & World Report’s 2023-2024 ranking of Best Graduate Schools.

A&M’s law school rose from 46th in the nation last year. Among Texas schools, the law school ranks second only behind the University of Texas at Austin, which is ranked No. 16. The law school also placed top 10 nationally in two specialty rankings. The Dispute Resolution program placed seventh and the Intellectual Property program placed ninth.

In November 2021, Texas A&M University announced plans to build a top-tier research campus on land downtown where it currently has the Texas A&M School of Law. The development was dubbed “Aggieland North,” at the time but has been formerly named Texas A&M-Fort Worth.

Stantec will serve as the architect of record for the Law & Education building with design architect Pelli Clarke & Partners assisting with labs. Construction management teams include Turner Construction Company, CARCON Industries, Source Building Group Inc. and Dikita Enterprises.

The latest renderings of what the building may look like can be seen at

Bob Francis is business editor for the Fort Worth Report. Contact him at At the Fort Worth Report, news decisions are made independently of our board members and financial supporters. Read more about our editorial independence policy here.


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What is an ozone watch and do you need to worry about it in Dallas? Here’s what to know

Dallas drivers may have noticed flashing signs warning of an “OZONE WATCH” this week. But what exactly does that mean?Those new to Texas or not as familiar with air quality control may not recognize or heed the alert the same way they would a thunderstorm warning or tornado watch, but it’s worth noting — especially as the “ozone season” is upon us....

Dallas drivers may have noticed flashing signs warning of an “OZONE WATCH” this week. But what exactly does that mean?

Those new to Texas or not as familiar with air quality control may not recognize or heed the alert the same way they would a thunderstorm warning or tornado watch, but it’s worth noting — especially as the “ozone season” is upon us.

Ground-level ozone is a common air pollutant that can be harmful to people’s health. The pollutant forms when certain organic compounds interact with sunlight and intense heat.

This month marked the first days this year where the air quality became unhealthy for some people in North Texas, according to data kept by the North Central Texas Council of Governments. The ground-level ozone rose high enough to cause an alert in Dallas-Fort Worth on May 2 and 3 and again Wednesday and Thursday.

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Yes... but there’s two very different kinds of ozone, according to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

There’s the stratospheric ozone, which is naturally found in the Earth’s atmosphere anywhere from six to 30 miles above the ground’s surface. This actually acts as a protective layer shielding us from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

The ground-level ozone, also called tropospheric ozone, is the pollutant that causes concern at high levels.

The ozone season actually lasts majority of the year in the metroplex, according to Air North Texas. March through November is when the ground-level ozone reaches its highest concentration.

Weather patterns play a major role in the air quality, so there’s a higher risk of pollutants like ground-level ozone when there are hotter temperatures and less wind.

The ozone levels are usually rise during the day and peak in the late afternoon, according to the National Weather Service. Once sunlight goes away, the ozone concentrations decrease.

According to the Texas Department of Environmental Quality, sensitive groups include people with lung disease such as asthma, older adults, children and teenagers, and people who are active outdoors.

Particle pollution in the air can be linked to health problems, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, like coughing and wheezing. Sometimes the impacts are more extreme, leading to asthma attacks and strokes.

You can check the current air quality and see if there are any warnings at or the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website.

Some of the steps Air North Texas recommends taking to improve air quality can be done at home or during your commute. Those include:

Stage West introduces awards-heavy 2023-24 season to Fort Worth audiences

Photo by Paul KolnikStage West's 2023-24 season is out, and it comprises one musical and five plays, many of which have been in contention for big-name awards.Four shows will be presented in the Evelyn Wheeler Swenson Theatre (“The Evie”), and two in the Jerry Russell Theatre.It begins with Once Upon a Mattress, a co-production with Theatre TCU. By royal decree of the Queen, all princesses must pass a series of tests if they want to marry the hapless Prince. Even worse, throughout th...

Photo by Paul Kolnik

Stage West's 2023-24 season is out, and it comprises one musical and five plays, many of which have been in contention for big-name awards.

Four shows will be presented in the Evelyn Wheeler Swenson Theatre (“The Evie”), and two in the Jerry Russell Theatre.

It begins with Once Upon a Mattress, a co-production with Theatre TCU. By royal decree of the Queen, all princesses must pass a series of tests if they want to marry the hapless Prince. Even worse, throughout the kingdom no one may wed until the Prince finds a worthy wife. Many have tried, all have failed, and the Queen plans to keep it that way.

But when a bold and undeniably charming new princess makes a splash at court, it seems the Queen has finally met her match. It runs October 19-November 5, 2023.

The regional premiere of Poor Clare is next, a finalist for the 2022 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize by Chiara Atik.

Meet Clare, a stylish teen living in medieval Italy, trying out the newest hairstyles and keeping up with the latest fashions and juicy town gossip. But everything changes when she meets a man named Francis who has started ranting in the streets. Her mother, sister, and maids don’t understand it, but this man’s ideas are, like, totally starting to make sense — and now she can’t unsee the world he has shown her.

The surprising story of Saint Clare of Assisi comes to vivid life in this modern parable of generosity, perfect for the holiday season. It runs November 30-December 17, 2023.

The 2015 Pulitzer Prize finalist Marjorie Prime by Jordan Harrison follows with its regional premiere.

In the near future, Marjorie and her daughter are worried that her memory may be fading. That is, until the appearance of Walter, a mysterious and charming young visitor who arrives to help Marjorie uncover the intricacies of her own past.

But a secret truth is about to blur the lines between human and machine. In this richly spare, wondrous play, profound questions emerge about the limits of technology and whether or not memory is an exclusively human invention. It runs January 18-February 11, 2024.

Next is a recent Broadway hit and entry on the 2019 Kilroys List,POTUS: or, Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Aliveby Selina Fillinger.

It all starts with a little four-letter word that the President blurts out, and what starts as a PR nightmare turns into a complete global crisis. The seven brilliant and beleaguered women upon whom he most relies risk life, liberty, and the pursuit of sanity to keep things under control.

It’s a total rollercoaster ride as Capitol Hill turns upside down in this riotous comedy. It runs March 7-24, 2024.

The as-yet-undiscovered genius Vincent Van Gogh presents a most peculiar case to noted detective Sherlock Holmes, his partner Dr. Watson, and his paramour Irene Adler in the regional premiere of Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Elusive Ear.

In David MacGregor's play, the trio embark on a rousing caper and find themselves confronting the daughter of Professor Moriarty. With a helping hand from Oscar Wilde, the world's greatest detective attempts to uncover a Post-Impressionist conspiracy. This zany mystery adventure is the opening gambit in a Baker Street trilogy. It runs June 6-23, 2024.

Speaking of Oscar Wilde, his The Importance of Being Earnestcloses out the season.

So, there are these two rich and eligible English bachelors. Both are pretending to be a man named Ernest, because they are trying to woo these two ladies who have decided they are all about that name. But when their romantic schemes collide, the whole charade unravels in a whirlwind of wacky surprises and dazzling wit.

This classic comedy of courtship and manners is a masterpiece of social satire for all who appreciate the humbling folly of falling in love. It runs September 5-22, 2024.

Season tickets are on sale now and include the Premium Season Ticket (which includes several additional perks) at $339 each, and the Standard Season Ticket at $219 each.

For more information, call Stage West at 817-784-9378 or visit online at


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