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Because a drayage load can mean a few different things, confusion among carriers is common. Many carriers link drayage with going into a port, but that isn't always true. While all drayage loads typically originate from a port of entry, there are often several legs of a drayage journey before a container turns up at its final stop. Legs of a drayage load may include:

Why Are Drayage Companies in Nashville, TN So Important?

You may be thinking, what's so important about drayage? It's such a small step in the container storage transport process. In reality, it's an integral piece needed in the logistics industry and a crucial part of U.S. supply chain management.

To truly understand the importance of drayage, let's use flowers as an example. Most cut flower shipments enter the market from areas in South America until they end up at Dutch auction houses. Once there, wholesalers purchase flowers in bulk and send those products to retail outlets worldwide. Because flowers are perishable, they typically need to be refrigerated and are often shipped in reefer containers. These refrigerated vessels must maintain a certain temp to prevent loss.

Drayage companies like RelyEx allow flower shippers to send their products from Argentinian ports to airports in the Netherlands with peace of mind because their products are protected. The only way to accomplish this feat is with the help of swift, meticulous port drayage services. Drayage companies allow flower shippers to send their products from Argentinian ports to airports in the Netherlands with peace of mind, because their products are protected. The only way to accomplish this feat is with the help of swift, meticulous port drayage services.

If port drayage is compromised, it can cause delays and even fines. You know the packages you get delivered to your front door from apps like Amazon? Without drayage and drayage brokers, one or two-day shipping times wouldn't even be possible.

As a multi-billion-dollar industry in the U.S. alone, it seems like drayage shipping issues shouldn't exist. But the fact is inefficiencies and congestion are still major problems at ports. Whether it's a lack of carriers, absent chassis, or overburdened terminals, delays lead to missed deadlines, lost revenue, and worse.

But anytime challenges exist, so too do innovative solutions.

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 Drayage Nashville, TN


 Drayage Services Nashville, TN


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 Logistic Services Nashville, TN

RelyEx Solves Problems

At RelyEx, we like to consider ourselves problem solvers. The nature of the container drayage industry presents new challenges every day, but we're firm believers that there's a solution to every hurdle we encounter. And while some drayage businesses implement a reactive approach, RelyEx customers choose us for our proactive mindset. We take pride in solving your company's drayage challenges to help you avoid frustrating fees, missed expectations, and delayed shipments. We strive to make every transaction successful and streamlined by partnering with shippers who prioritize transparent, prompt, and accurate communication.

 Ocean Container Drayage Nashville, TN

RelyEx Has a Unique Vantage Point

RelyEx approaches your business from the customer's perspective - a unique approach that helps us provide high-quality, effective drayage services. We've been in the customers' shoes, know their pain points, and because of that, provide first-hand solutions to stressful supply chain issues. With over 30 years of collective knowledge, our team excels in:

  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Finance

Our varied, high-level drayage shipping experience helps us achieve our overarching goal: expertly managing your freight movement needs. That way, you can direct your time and focus on growing the core aspects of your business while we handle the heavy lifting. Throw in proactive planning to avoid bottleneck situations and strong communication for transparent customer relations, and you can see why so many companies trust RelyEx.

 Warehousing Nashville, TN

RelyEx Nurtures Strong Carrier Relationships

When it comes to shipping logistics, it only takes one mistake by a mediocre worker to disrupt your business. That's why, at RelyEx, we pride ourselves on forming and nurturing relationships with carriers who match our standards of care. Our founding partner started his career transporting freight for companies as an on-demand carrier. He uses that knowledge to maximize the resources of our carriers so that our customer's expectations aren't just met - they're exceeded.

Based in the port city of Nashville, RelyEx has a keen understanding of the challenges of managing the inbound and outbound flow of containers. Our team of container drayage experts provides your business with unique solutions to nuanced shipping problems, minimizing demurrage and ensuring the successful delivery of your freight.

 Transloading Nashville, TN

Customers choose RelyEx because:

  • We are a reliable drayage logistics partner that manages your freight from beginning to end
  • We have a rare industry vantage point with 30+ years of client-side experience
  • We foster and fortify the strongest vendor relations
  • We take a proactive approach to problem-solving, not a reactive approach
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Your Drayage Shipments Managed from Start to Finish

Some drayage brokers don't care how customers feel about their service as long as they sign a contract and get paid. As a solutions-oriented team, RelyEx takes the opposite approach. We're motivated by the opportunity to overachieve for our customers and to provide them with the best logistics experience possible. With professional experience as carriers and shippers ourselves, we know the roadblocks and challenges you're facing. We excel at mapping out the best plans of action to solve those problems. But that's just the start.

Our tracking experts monitor and manage every aspect of your drayage shipment from booking to delivery, 24/7. Once booked, we look for the availability of your containers hourly once they're at port. When they arrive, our team acts quickly to access your storage containers when they're available.

Plus, RelyEx ensures your company's requirements are met by the carrier during loading and delivery and provide necessary documentation as fast as possible. With real-time tracking updates and access to our customer service professionals, your team has complete visibility throughout the shipping process.

We Source Top-Notch Operators at the Best Prices

Over the years, RelyEx has built a strong network of drayage carriers, transloading locations, and container storage spaces to provide you with the best possible options to match your drayage service needs. We know that searching for quality service presents an added layer of complexity and stress to our customers. That's why we work hard to take that off your plate by connecting you with our reliable shipping partners.

With a background moving freight as an on-demand carrier, our founding partner understands how to maximize the resources and equipment of our carriers to match your needs.

 Drayage Nashville, TN
 Drayage Services Nashville, TN

We Make Transparent, Timely Communication a Priority

Like other industries, the global logistics space is complex. Mistakes will be made, and problems will happen. With those truths in mind, RelyEx has built its reputation as problem solvers. Unlike other drayage companies, we don't shy away from this industry's complexities because we take pride in solving problems. Even better, we aim to do what's needed to avoid those problems altogether.

As your logistics partner, we will provide your company with accurate, transparent, and prompt communication. If there are unexpected issues, we'll notify you immediately and will provide several options to remedy the problem. We even offer custom reporting for large clients who need at-the-moment updates and quick access to shipment documentation.

We Have Robust Project Management Experience

Why let the unpredictability of your industry dictate your success? With a background working in manufacturing, our founders are familiar with the demands of managing production schedules and sales orders. That experience makes it abundantly clear to us that every business and industry is different. If you struggle with seasonal surges or other factors, our team supports your business with a mapped-out plan and schedule, so you stay ahead of the game.

 Full Truck Load Nashville, TN

Paperwork Errors

Typically, shippers need four specific documents to clear shipments through customs: A Bill of Lading (or BOL), a commercial invoice, a packing list, and an arrival notice. Seasoned drayage brokers like RelyEx are used to preparing these documents, but new shippers tend to miss this step due to inexperience.

Payment Delays

If a shipper only pays for part of their shipment, a vessel operator may refuse to release their freight until their bill is fully paid. Payment delays lead to cargo detention at the port of entry, which triggers demurrage charges.


Documents Received Too Late

Paperwork is needed when you're shipping goods with a drayage company. When documents like the Certificate of Origin or Bill of Lading arrive at their destination late, you can expect demurrage fees. RelyEx avoids this situation entirely by being proactive when submitting paperwork.

Additional causes for demurrage fees can include:

  • Damaged Container Storage
  • Custom Released Containers
  • Storage Containers Are Too Heavy

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The Supply Chain Partner You Can Count On

At RelyEx, we know first-hand how stressful supply chain problems can be for business owners. Though drayage shipping might seem minor on the surface, it affects every stage of your shipping process. And when inevitable hurdles manifest, RelyEx propels you over the proverbial roadblocks with a proactive mindset and a passion for challenging projects. We believe that all problems have a solution, and our unique vantage point allows us to provide first-hand solutions to customers in a wide array of industries.

When it comes to your business, don't settle for anything less than RelyEx. Contact our office today to learn more about how we make your shipping experience streamlined and stress-free.


Latest News in Nashville, TN

How Titans QB Will Levis prepared for his historic NFL debut

ReactionsLike9Fire4NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Will Levis checked into the team facility at St. Thomas Ascension Sports Park every Monday on his off day for the first six weeks of the season.The goal for the No. 33 pick of the 2023 draft? To get throws in with receiver...






NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Will Levis checked into the team facility at St. Thomas Ascension Sports Park every Monday on his off day for the first six weeks of the season.

The goal for the No. 33 pick of the 2023 draft? To get throws in with receivers and prepare for when he got called to action. He didn't know when that moment would be, but Colton Dowell, a 2023 seventh-round pick who was one of the receivers working with Levis, called the experience a "QB training program."

The coaching staff found different ways to gradually bring Levis along while splitting scout team reps with Malik Willis and watching starter Ryan Tannehill execute the offense. The program was a part of Levis' prep work for when, or if, his number was ever called. That moment came in Week 8 in a win over the Atlanta Falcons, and the bright lights will be on Levis when the Titans (3-4) go on the road to face the Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4) Thursday night (8:15 p.m. ET, Prime Video).

The Titans traded up eight spots in the draft in April to select Levis with the second pick of the second round out of Kentucky. Levis and Willis competed during the initial part of training camp for the backup role until Levis suffered a left thigh injury during joint practices, which sidelined him for the final two preseason games and made it difficult to surpass Willis on the depth chart.

With Tannehill out with a right high ankle sprain, the coaching staff was forced to ramp up Levis' development. They had two weeks because of the bye in Week 7, after Tannehill suffered the injury in their Week 6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in London. Willis came into the game when Tannehill went down in the fourth quarter and played the final two drives. He completed four of five passes for 74 yards but struggled to find receivers and was sacked four times - all on the last drive.

Tennessee then turned to Levis, who was ready to take advantage of the opportunity. He completed 19 of 29 pass attempts for 238 yards and four touchdowns, and the 28-23 win marked the most points that the Titans had scored since the final game of the 2021 season - which is also the last time a Titans quarterback threw four touchdowns in one game.

Levis became the third quarterback to throw for four touchdowns in their debut, joining Fran Tarketon (Minnesota Vikings, 1961) and Marcus Mariota (Titans, 2015).

The bye proved beneficial for Levis' preparation as a starter after not seeing any live action since the first preseason game on Aug. 12. Coach Mike Vrabel said that if Tannehill was unable to go, Levis and Willis would split time at quarterback. Both stayed at the facility during the bye and threw passes to wide receiver Treylon Burks, who was gearing up to return to the lineup after missing the previous three games with a left knee injury.

"Our bye week might have looked a little different from other teams," Levis said. "We stayed and got a lot of work in. That was big for us to get those reps with guys that we haven't had too many with. It was confidence building for sure."

On the first drive, Levis gained a first down via quarterback sneak on the third play of the game, but Vrabel's plan to play both quarterbacks in place of Tannehill changed on the next play when a high snap from center Aaron Brewer went through Willis' hands and was recovered by the Falcons on Tennessee's 28-yard line.

The Titans turned to Levis for most of the remaining snaps.

VRABEL NAMED TANNEHILL the starter before rookie minicamp and designated Willis as the backup. But Vrabel left the door open for Willis and Levis to compete for the job.

Willis, who the Titans also traded up for in the 2022 draft before taking him in the third round, had won the backup job last season but struggled when pressed into duty. He went 1-2 in three starts and was replaced by veteran Joshua Dobbs, whom Tennessee signed 12 days before naming him starter.

Willis was named the backup this season, but that didn't deter Levis, and the coaching staff explored different ways to bring their young quarterbacks along while still focusing on each week's opponent.

"We try to get these guys live, full-speed throws," Vrabel said. "I'm trying to find a way to develop young quarterbacks. We get them live throws on Mondays with guys that don't play in the game or practice squad guys."

Levis and Willis would stay after practice and get in reps with the practice squad receivers and other pass catchers who typically don't play on game day.

Vrabel pointed out how the group would go through the game plan for the week, call the plays in the huddle and line up in the various formations as they go up and down the field.

"It's just trying to find different ways to make sure they're ready, improving, and developing because we only have so many guys to run full-speed reps with," Vrabel said.

Those sessions were vital in helping Levis learn the offense. He said there was "comfortability with the playbook" and different concepts run by the Titans.

"I feel really comfortable about the things we put in during camp," Levis said, "and we've added some new things too."

WHILE SPLITTING REPS with the scout team during the week, Vrabel insisted the quarterbacks don't just read the calls off of a card to get the defense ready. Levis was told to operate the offense like his own rather than where the scouting report dictated.

"I don't care where the defense wants you to throw the ball," Vrabel told Levis. "Just throw it to the guy that's open, take control of the huddle, make sure you're practicing all the things you would want to practice while you're running our offense."

The Titans' defense wasn't surprised by Levis' success because that's what it has seen him do consistently in practice.

"He's not afraid to let it loose," Titans cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting said.

The coaching staff reviewed the scout team reps every Saturday morning and evaluated Levis.

Titans quarterbacks coach Charles London said he's noticed Levis develop a complete understanding of what the offense is trying to do. He also pointed to how Levis' playcalls and processing have gotten faster despite the lack of reps.

"He didn't get all of the reps the starter did," London said. "But he and Malik were taking scout team reps and gave a great look for our defense. But they also have to know our plays like the back of their hand. I like where his learning curve is going."

Offensive coordinator Tim Kelly was confident enough to not scale down the game plan against the Falcons despite it being Levis' first start.

"It's just a testament to him and coming in and studying and taking advantage of being able to sit back a little bit and really learn to make sure he had a full grasp of the offense," Kelly said.

A subtle detail that helped receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who's three touchdown receptions on the season all came Sunday, get open on one of the scores was when Levis used a pump fake to make safety Richie Grant bite on a double move by Hopkins, allowing him to get free in the secondary.

"Will practices those movements that you guys see," Hopkins said. "He approaches every practice rep like a game rep. He demands the same from us."

Having played in the SEC, Levis has heard some loud stadiums, but being in front of the rowdy Steelers fans is something he can't wait to experience.

"Playing or not, I've had this game circled on the schedule just because of how great the environment will be," Levis said Tuesday. "We're ready to handle it. I'm just looking forward to going and taking it all in and doing my thing."

Steelers inactives for Week 9 vs. Titans

The Steelers will be without one of their main pieces on defense as safety Minkah Fitzpatrick is inactive for tonight's game against the Tennessee Titans at Acrisure Stadium.Fitzpatrick suffered a hamstring injury against the Jaguars last week, missed practice all week and was officially ruled out on Wednesday."It's unfortunate," said linebacker Alex Highsmith. "He is a leader on our defense. He is the best in the league at what he does. It's an opportunity for other guys to step up. I know we have capable guys t...

The Steelers will be without one of their main pieces on defense as safety Minkah Fitzpatrick is inactive for tonight's game against the Tennessee Titans at Acrisure Stadium.

Fitzpatrick suffered a hamstring injury against the Jaguars last week, missed practice all week and was officially ruled out on Wednesday.

"It's unfortunate," said linebacker Alex Highsmith. "He is a leader on our defense. He is the best in the league at what he does. It's an opportunity for other guys to step up. I know we have capable guys that are going to be able to fill in for him. I am just excited to see how those guys step up."

One player who stepped up last week when Fitzpatrick left the game was safety Miles Killebrew.

And rest assured, he is ready to step up again.

Killebrew knows what the defense is losing without Fitzpatrick on the field, especially from a communication standpoint, but is willing to put his hand in the pile to help out.

"He is a huge communicator," said Killebrew. "Guys are going to have to step up, including myself, if their number is called and communicate. It's going to be something we have to talk it through and handle it one play at a time.

"I think that is something that we have to take across the board, a spectrum of positions. He is so good at (communicating). He is the general in the back end. It is going to have to be a lot of guys adding a little bit more to their load and pulling the sled together."

Killebrew normally sees the bulk of his work on special teams, but he is always prepared if called upon.

"I would call it a readiness," said Killebrew. "We have to be ready to play whatever our positions are. That's what I am. I am a safety, and that is what we have to be ready to do.

"Special teams is a whole other game, but at the end of the day it's still running and tackling. Football's not that complicated. We have to make sure we are playing the positional game and make sure we're talking and seeing things together the same way."

The defense will get a bump, though, with defensive tackle Cameron Heyward being activated from the Reserve/Injured List. Heyward was placed on the list after suffering a groin injury in the season opener against the San Francisco 49ers.

The timing of getting Heyward back works well for the defense as they will face a tough test in Titans running back Derrick Henry.

"He is a difference maker. He really is," said linebacker T.J. Watt of Heyward. "He has been doing it for a long time. A guy that has played in this matchup more than a few times. Anytime you can plug in a player like him, it's going to make a difference no matter what."

It also doesn't hurt to get another veteran leader back, one who is also a defensive captain along with Watt.

"It's going to be huge for us," said linebacker Alex Highsmith. "I can't wait to have him back. I know he has been working his butt off to get back. We are all excited. It's going to be huge for us on the field, but also overall leadership wise having his presence around is going to be huge."

Below is the full list of inactives for tonight's game

Bringing you the action: For fans who don't want to miss any of the action, NFL+ is here, which means you can now watch the Steelers live and on the go! Watch live local and primetime regular season games on mobile, plus NFL RedZone, NFL Network, live audio and more - all in one place. Start your free trial today here.

Steelers Inactives

No. 2 QB Mason Rudolph (3rd QB) No. 39 S Minkah Fitzpatrick No. 60 T Dylan Cook No. 94 NT Armon Watts No. 96 NT Breiden Fehoko

Titans Inactives

No. 14 WR Colton Dowell No. 17 QB Ryan Tannehill No. 21 CB Roger McCreary No. 42 OLB Caleb Murphy No. 66 OT Chris Hubbard No. 94 DT Jaleel Johnson

Six Things to Watch for the Titans in Thursday Night's Game vs the Steelers

PITTSBURGH – The Titans face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night at Acrisure Stadium.Here's a look at six things to watch in the contest:Will Levis EncoreTitans rookie quarterback Will Levis threw for 238 yards and four touchdowns in his NFL debut on Sunday, becoming one of just three quarterbacks in NFL history with 4-plus TD passes in their first game. Levis proved he's not afraid to chuck it – three of Levis' four touchdown passes were 30-plus yards. Downfield succes...

PITTSBURGH – The Titans face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night at Acrisure Stadium.

Here's a look at six things to watch in the contest:

Will Levis Encore

Titans rookie quarterback Will Levis threw for 238 yards and four touchdowns in his NFL debut on Sunday, becoming one of just three quarterbacks in NFL history with 4-plus TD passes in their first game. Levis proved he's not afraid to chuck it – three of Levis' four touchdown passes were 30-plus yards. Downfield success should open things up for everyone on offense if he can keep it going. Here's an interesting stat from Next Gen Stats: 50.0 percent of Levis' dropbacks utilized play action, the highest in a game by any player in 2023. Levis was 8-13 with 116 pass yards, two TDs and a 130.1 rating in play action. Here's a scary stat: Rookie QBs are 1-15 in the previous 20 seasons when playing in Pittsburgh, and 0-5 all-time in primetime games.

Protect the QB

Part of the reason Levis had success – and part of the reason starter Ryan Tannehill got hurt in the first place – can be attributed to pass protection. Levis had decent protection (he was pressured on 43.8% of his dropbacks and sacked twice) on Sunday, while Tannehill had way too many moments facing pressure (sacked 19 times in six starts) and taking hits when he was at the helm. The Titans face a huge challenge with Pittsburgh's defense, especially with edge rusher T.J. Watt. In four home games this season, Watt has 6.5 sacks and three forced fumbles, and on the season he has 8.5 sacks, 7 tackles for a loss and 16 QB hits. After entering Sunday's game at left tackle, Andre Dillard is expected to work on the left side on Thursday night, with Nicholas Petit-Frere sliding to the right side. The Titans are going to need to hold up to protect Levis while opening holes for the backs.

King Henry

Running back Derrick Henry ran for 101 yards vs the Falcons, and he's been a beast under the lights. In 20 career primetime games, Henry has 1,913 yards and 18 touchdowns. The 95.7-yard average leads all backs since 2000. Can Henry keep it going against the Steelers? Well, the Steelers have allowed 137.1 rush yards per game, and they've allowed 100-plus rushing yards in six of seven games in 2023, despite having 8-plus defenders in the box on 35.4 percent of opponent carries. Henry is aiming for his 37th game with 100-plus rush yards. Running back Tyjae Spears has given the Titans a lift, with 55-plus scrimmage yards in three of his last four games. Spears ranks 5th among rookie running backs with 318 scrimmage yards.

Hopkins Back in Spotlight

Receiver DeAndre Hopkins has been the team's best receiver all season, and he's coming off an epic game on Sunday. Hopkins caught four passes for 128 yards and three touchdowns against the Falcons, and he leads the Titans with 31 catches for 504 yards. Hopkins has faced the Steelers twice in his career, in 2014 and 2017 with the Texans – he recorded 10 catches for 173 yards (86.5 ypg) and a touchdown combined in those contests. Hopkins is fifth in the NFL with 233 receiving yards on deep passes in 2023 (20-plus yards in air), and he's currently averaging a career-high 16.3 yards per reception in 2023. Safety Minkah Fitzpatrick has been ruled out for the contest, and the Steelers have been a different team when they've been without him.

Defense, Defense, Defense

The Titans were swarming on defense against the Falcons, registering six sacks. Defensive tackle Jeffery Simmoms had a season-high two sacks, and a forced fumble, and linebacker Harold Landry had two sacks of his own. Landry aims for his third straight games with five-plus tackles, two tackles for a loss, and a sack. Kenny Pickett is expected to start at quarterback for the Steelers, but he's banged up. Pickett hasn't thrown an interception in the past three games, but he has been sacked 17 times on the season. Here's a streak the Titans would like to end: Pickett has won each of his past five primetime starts.

Importance on Week 8

The Titans are underdogs for the seventh time in eight games this season, as the Steelers are favored by 2.5 points in Thursday's game. The Titans are looking for back-to-back wins for the first time this season. Since 1990, teams that started a season 4-4 have made the playoffs 32.5% of the time, won the division 12.4% of the time and won the Super Bowl 0.5% of the time. The percentages for teams that started 3-5: 9.4%, 4.7% and 0.0%. Another ominous note: The Steelers are 27-8 in home primetime games under Mike Tomlin (since 2007).

Titans rule Ryan Tannehill out as Will Levis to start at QB

ReactionsLike80Fire6Funny2The Tennessee Titans will be without starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill for Thursday's game at the Pittsburgh Steelers.Rookie quarterback ...








The Tennessee Titans will be without starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill for Thursday's game at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Rookie quarterback Will Levis will start his second game in place of Tannehill and will be opposed by Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett, who does not have an injury designation after leaving Sunday's contest versus the Jacksonville Jaguars with an injury to his ribs.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel wanted to monitor Tannehill's progress in a short week. But Tannehill was unable to practice. Tannehill suffered a right high ankle sprain in Tennessee's Week 6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in London. The injury caused Tannehill to have a cast placed on his foot for a couple of days before switching to a walking boot.

Tannehill has been able to walk around the facility on his own and has worked to rehab the ankle over the past couple of weeks. The ankle injury is similar to the initial high ankle sprain Tannehill suffered last season, causing him to miss two games.

Levis completed 19 of his 29 pass attempts for 238 yards and four touchdowns in his NFL debut, a 28-23 win over the Atlanta Falcons last week. Three of Levis' touchdown passes went to wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who is listed as questionable due to a toe injury and didn't practice on Wednesday.

Levis said playing in a rowdy environment like Pittsburgh's Acrisure Stadium made the Steelers matchup one of the games he circled at the beginning of the season.

"Going into that loud stadium, it's a big-time environment," Levis said on Tuesday. "We're ready to handle it, and I'm just looking forward to going and taking it all in and then just doing my thing."

Pickett said Tuesday he would be "playing for sure" against the Titans, despite Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin indicating a day earlier that Pickett would be a game-time decision.

The ribs injury can affect his throwing motion, Pickett explained Tuesday.

"When I'm coming through, being able to have torque, rotating," the quarterback said. "Obviously, your ribs are a huge part of that, so just being smart these two days and get ready to go Thursday night."

ESPN's Brooke Pryor contributed to this report.

Titans-Steelers Thursday night: NFL betting odds, picks, tips

ReactionsLike25Week 9 gets started as the Pittsburgh Steelers (-2.5, 36.5) host the Tennessee Titans on "Thursday Night Football."So what can we expect from a betting standpoint on Thursday?Betting analysts Tyler Fulghum, Eric Moody, Seth Walder...




Week 9 gets started as the Pittsburgh Steelers (-2.5, 36.5) host the Tennessee Titans on "Thursday Night Football."

So what can we expect from a betting standpoint on Thursday?

Betting analysts Tyler Fulghum, Eric Moody, Seth Walder, Anita Marks and Aaron Schatz are here to provide their thoughts.

Note: Odds by ESPN BET.

Schatz: That's a very low total, and the Titans' defense hasn't been particularly strong this year. Even the Pittsburgh defense is "only" ninth in DVOA. The Steelers have been a very fast-paced offense as well, although the Titans offense is always slow. I think the spread is fairly accurate but I like the idea of going with OVER 36.5 in this game.

Fulghum: Very nice performance by Will Levis in his NFL debut, but that game was at home. Now he'll have to travel to a hostile environment in Pittsburgh for his first true road game. I like the Steelers -2.5 to bounce back with a win and cover. The Steelers QB situation is obviously a concern, but the Titans' pass defense is very beatable. It's very likely going to be a low-scoring game with Mike Vrabel and Mike Tomlin involved, but I want to bet against Levis to regress to the mean after his outrageous debut performance.

Marks: Steelers (-2.5) and UNDER 36.5. I don't see the Steelers defense losing at home to a rookie quarterback getting his first road start. Having two weeks to prepare for the Falcons at home is a much different animal than hitting the road to face the Steelers defense. The Steelers are 8-3 ATS their last 11 games, and the Titans are 0-6 SU in their last six road games. Pittsburgh is in a three-way tie for second place in the AFC North -- this game matters! Both of these defenses are solid, and their offenses have issues scoring points. Primetime unders are over 70% this season.

Schatz: I'm not sure Levis' debut was as impressive as it looked at first glance. We knew he had arm strength and of course those deep bombs to DeAndre Hopkins were awesome. However, most of Levis' value came in just the four touchdown passes. He had only a 29% success rate on pass plays against one of the weaker pass defenses in the league this year (Atlanta). Combine that with a desire not to overstate the importance of a single game and no, I don't feel much different about the Titans. They seemed like a mediocre team with Ryan Tannehill at quarterback and they're a mediocre team with Levis as well.

Fulghum: No not yet. The Titans themselves have given us a hint at what they believe is their most likely outcome this season when they traded All-Pro safety Kevin Byard to the Eagles. This is a team that is selling and looking to re-tool for the future. Levis is certainly a part of that and these games will provide him some valuable experience in his rookie season, but this team is not a playoff-caliber team in the AFC.

Fulghum: I have to admit it's intriguing. On one hand, Hopkins had 128 yards last week, the Steelers are not a good pass defense and the Titans are road underdogs looking at a potentially pass-heavy game script. On the other hand, Hopkins only saw six targets against Atlanta and that type of efficiency is obviously going to regress. However, I do feel like rookie QBs are more likely to lock on the team's best pass-catcher in the route progressions than QBs that have more experience. I'm going to stay away from betting this, but I completely understand Titans fans wanting to hammer the OVER here after what they saw last week.

Moody: I am drawn to this bet. Hopkins and Levis had an undeniable rapport against the Falcons, and the veteran receiver has averaged 77.6 receiving yards per game in his career. ESPN's Titans NFL Nation reporter Turron Davenport offered some intriguing insight in the NFL Nation Fantasy Fallout into whether we can expect more consistent performance from the Titans pass catchers in the near future. "Expect that trend to continue," he wrote. "Offensive coordinator Tim Kelly has also shown a tendency to call plays with Hopkins as the first option and is willing to move him around the formation to create favorable matchups." There is a strong chance Hopkins surpasses 51.5 receiving yards in this matchup.

Schatz: Diontae Johnson is back now and he's the main Pittsburgh target on shorter passes. The Titans rank 32nd in DVOA against No. 1 wide receivers and 31st on short passes. I think I prefer Johnson's reception prop to his yardage prop, so let's go with Diontae Johnson OVER 4.5 receptions.

Fulghum: Najee Harris UNDER 44.5 rush yards. By now, you should be well aware that the Titans are one of the league's premier pass-funnel defenses in the league, meaning they play excellent run defense, but struggle to defend the pass. Not only is this a tough matchup for Najee Harris, but he likely isn't even the best RB on his own team. That's Jaylen Warren. I love taking opposing RB unders against the Titans, especially when that RB is not particularly efficient or good.

Walder: Alex Highsmith OVER 0.5 sacks (+115). Will Levis had a 6% sack rate in his first start last week, but that's just a single game. More informative, I think, is that he had a very high 11% sack rate at Kentucky last season. This is somewhat of a guess, but I've set my sack model to treat Levis as a player with an 8% sack rate in the past. Even with that reasonably conservative estimate, it gives Highsmith a 51.5% chance of hitting the over (after removing pushes). That's a value against the plus-money here.

Moody: Najee Harris OVER 8.5 receiving yards. Harris has surpassed 8.5 receiving yards in two consecutive games since the Steelers' bye week. Over the same period of time, he also has eight targets. Harris is likely to be the recipient of a few check downs from Kenny Pickett on Thursday night because of the Titans' formidable run defense.

Walder: Kenny Pickett UNDER 31.5 pass attempts (-102). Playing against a rookie quarterback, the Steelers are much less likely to be playing from behind and can probably adopt a more conservative gameplan that allows their defense to do the heavy lifting (as it usually does). Based on Pittsburgh's past pass rates and the Steelers being 2.5-point favorites, my model forecasts Pickett to record just 28.4 pass attempts, on average.

Walder: Cole Holcomb UNDER 8.5 tackles + assists (-150). With the Steelers actually favored in this game, it's less likely they end up in a situation where the opponent has a big lead and are just running the ball over and over. That should results in fewer tackle opportunities for Holcomb, a linebacker. My model projects him for just 6.8 tackles + assists.

Steelers activate DL Cam Heyward from IR for matchup vs. Titans

ReactionsLike125Fire2Celebrate2Wow1Funny1PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers are getting a captain and crucial piece of their defensive line back just in time for a tough matchup against running back Derrick Henry and the ...












PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers are getting a captain and crucial piece of their defensive line back just in time for a tough matchup against running back Derrick Henry and the Tennessee Titans.

The team activated defensive tackle Cameron Heyward to the 53-man roster from the injured reserve list on Wednesday. He was not given an injury designation for Thursday night -- meaning he will be active and play against the Titans.

Heyward has been out since sustaining a groin injury early in the Week 1 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. The 34-year-old had surgery days after the September injury and was expected to return in about eight weeks. His return comes about seven weeks after the surgery.

"I trust what they're doing, and I know my body, and I know I'm up there in age, but I feel like I progressed pretty well," Heyward said last week.

The Steelers opened Heyward's 21-day practice window on Oct. 26.

"I'm not rushing the process," Heyward said after his first practice. "The healing, it's taking effect, but I got to get reps under my belt. I've got to get more comfortable in what I'm doing. Trust myself, trust my body."

Without Heyward, the Steelers run defense has been inconsistent. Though the group held Jaguars running back Travis Etienne to just 3.3 yards per carry, the Steelers are still giving up an average of 4.6 yards per carry, which ranks in the bottom-10 of the league.

The Titans, meanwhile, average 4.5 yards per carry, though they only have 811 rushing yards. Henry, though, is fifth in the NFL with 526 rushing yards.

"He's a difference-maker," teammate T.J. Watt said of Heyward. "He really is. He's been doing it for a long time. A guy that's played in this matchup more than a few times himself, and anytime you can plug in a player like him, it's going to make a difference, no matter what."

Heyward's injury occurred when he tried to sack quarterback Brock Purdy in the first half of the Week 1 loss. He knew the injury was serious and tried to play through the pain, but he realized pretty quickly that wouldn't be possible.

"I fell on my legs kind of weird, and it split," Heyward said. "I didn't know what happened at first, but I couldn't move like I wanted to. I ripped the adductor, and I was already doing with the core muscle injury. Both played a part, and it just happens in the game you play. I'm not running away from it."

Vandy United Marks Milestone

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Placement of the final steel beam for the basketball operations center and practice facility on Nov. 2 marked the latest important milestone in the historic and ongoing Vandy United effort, part of the university’s $3.2 billion Dare to Grow campaign.Vanderbilt, in collaboration with construction firm Barton Malow, has accomplished another construction milestone. The “topping out” of the basketball operations center was completed with the placement today of the last structural...

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Placement of the final steel beam for the basketball operations center and practice facility on Nov. 2 marked the latest important milestone in the historic and ongoing Vandy United effort, part of the university’s $3.2 billion Dare to Grow campaign.

Vanderbilt, in collaboration with construction firm Barton Malow, has accomplished another construction milestone. The “topping out” of the basketball operations center was completed with the placement today of the last structural piece. Topping out is an age-old tradition in which the tallest and final structural beam is placed on a project to complete the building’s frame. In addition to workers signing the beam before it’s hoisted and installed, an evergreen tree and American flag are attached as part of the topping-out tradition.

The ceremony took place less than nine months after breaking ground on the site. One of Vandy United’s original cornerstone projects, the practice facility is part of an overall renovation and reimagining of FirstBank Stadium’s north end zone footprint.

The basketball practice facility will feature two spacious practice gyms, locker rooms and student-athlete lounges, as well as a weight room and athletic training facility. As a basketball hub in the Frist Athletics Village, the facility embodies Vanderbilt’s fully integrated approach to athletics, which sees intercollegiate competition and teamwork as vital means of fostering our student-athletes’ lifelong learning and growth.

Ongoing north end zone enhancements will significantly enhance the fan experience at FirstBank Stadium. These enhancements include:

For more information about premium seating opportunities that bring game day to life like never before, supporters are encouraged to complete the premium seating interest form.

About Vandy United

Launched in March 2021 as the largest undertaking of its kind in Vanderbilt Athletics’ history, Vandy United is an unprecedented investment in our student-athletes and athletic programs through facilities and operational enhancements. Harnessing the support of many generous donors and the commitment of Vanderbilt University, the campaign will create the best student-athlete experience in the country and an unforgettable fan experience. Learn more at

About the Dare to Grow Campaign Launched in Vanderbilt’s 150th year, Dare to Grow is a $3.2 billion comprehensive campaign, the most ambitious in university history. The campaign will succeed through three essential pathways—Destination Vanderbilt, Discovery Vanderbilt and One Vanderbilt—and by furthering the culture of belonging, innovation and collaboration that defines the Vanderbilt Way. Learn more at

How Jeff Fisher is helping bring back the Nashville Kats and Arena Football League

The Nashville Kats are returning and bringing former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher with them.Fisher will serve as a senior ad...

The Nashville Kats are returning and bringing former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher with them.

Fisher will serve as a senior adviser for the franchise when the league relaunches in 2024.

The original Arena Football League was founded in 1986, played its first season in 1987 and lasted 22 years before going bankrupt in 2008. The league returned in 2010 and lasted through the 2019 season. The Nashville Kats were in the league from 1997 to 2001 and 2005 to 2007.

The late-Titans owner Bud Adams owned the Kats in their second stint. Fisher, 65, was coach of the Titans from 1995 to 2010 and the St. Louis/L.A. Rams from 2012-16.

“I have always been a big fan of Arena Football, especially the Nashville Kats when they played here," Fisher said. "It is so entertaining with so many talented players and coaches. And in that setting, the fans become so much a part of not only the game, but the overall experience.”

Fisher, who led the Titans to the Super Bowl in the 1999 season, also served as an adviser at Tennessee State when former Titans running back Eddie George was hired as the Tigers coach in 2021. Fisher left TSU in 2022 to become coach and general manager of the Michigan Panthers of the USFL.

The Nashville Kats in their first stint were the AFL's Organization of the Year in their inaugural season in 1997, made the playoffs every season and played in the Arena Bowl in 2000 and 2001.

When the Kats returned, they went 6-9-1 in 2005, and then 8-8 in 2006 and returned to the playoffs. The Kats were 7-9 in their final season and just missed the playoffs.

The Kats played at Bridgestone Arena, formerly Nashville Arena, in their previous stints. The average attendance for home games in their eight seasons was 12,302.

The new franchise is owned by Nashville Arena Sports, LLC and will play its home games at Municipal Auditorium, with the season opener set for April 27, 2024. The team will play one regular-season game at the new F&M Bank Arena in Clarksville. The teams will play 10 regular-season games.

The team’s ownership group is led by sports and entertainment attorneys Tamara Dadd Alan, CEO, and Nancy D. Eckert, COO/general counsel and former Brentwood Academy and Penn State football player Gregg Johnson, who is also the team’s general manager.

Greg Pogue, owner of Pogue Media Inc., host of the "The Greg Pogue & Jon Burton" sports talk show on WNSR 560 AM/ 95.9 FM, and play-by-play broadcaster for TSU, also will serve as an adviser.

"The Nashville Kats were and will be again such a viable part of the Nashville and Middle Tennessee sports and entertainment landscape,” Alan said. “We have a wonderful opportunity to build on that. Most of all, we just want to have some fun.”

Johnson has already begun his search for a coach.

"I’m extremely honored to be an integral part of building an Arena Football team this city will be proud of with the goal of bringing AFL championships to my hometown of Nashville,” Johnson said. “Our ownership group is aware of the past successes of the AFL in Nashville, and we are eager to expand on that brand and become yet another viable offering in the Music City entertainment and sports landscape.”

The other teams in the league include the Oregon Blackbears, Iowa Rampage, Wichita Regulators, Salina Liberty, Southwest Kansas Storm, Rapid City Marshals, Albany Firebirds, Washington Wolfpack, Orlando Predators, Billings Outlaws and West Texas Desert Hawks.

“We are thrilled to be bringing back the AFL,” AFL Commissioner Lee Hutton said. “Nashville fans are incredibly passionate about football so we’re excited for fans in that market to have the opportunity to engage with their team in a special way.”

Season and individual game tickets are expected to go on sale in December. Contact or visit for more details.

Austin Peay Hall of Fame class includes basketball great Chris Horton

The 2024 Austin Peay Athletics Hall of Fame class includes Chris Horton (basketball, 2012-16), Ashley Slay (volleyball, 2014-18), Tyler Rogers (baseball, 2012-14), Alex Robles (baseball, 2014-18), Philip Farinella (football, 1964-67) and Joni Johnson (trainer, 1991-2021).

Horton was a 6-foot-8 post player who led the eighth-seeded Governors in the 2015-16 Ohio Valley Conference Tournament to four wins in four days and the championship at Municipal Auditorium. Austin Peay earned an automatic berth in the NCAA Tournament by winning the tournament.

The 46th annual class will be inducted Feb. 24, 2024.

Bonnie Sloan Day is Nov. 18

Bonnie Sloan Day is set for Nov. 18 at the Isaac Litton Alumni Center.

Sloan, who played at Isaac Litton, was the first deaf player in the NFL.

The Tennessean All-Nashville Interscholastic League defensive lineman was a two-time All-Ohio Valley Conference performer.

He was selected in the 10th round of the NFL draft by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1973. Sloan is one of only three deaf players ever to play in the NFL.

Sloan will sign autographs at the event, which will include a meet-and-greet from 1 to 3 p.m.

Austin Peay ranked 19th, TSU receiving votes in FCS top 25

Austin Peay is ranked 19th and Tennessee State is among other teams receiving votes in the FCS Stats Perform Top 25 poll this week.

Austin Peay (6-2) extended its winning streak to six games by defeating North Alabama 49-39 on Saturday.

TSU (6-2), which received 48 points and is tied at 29th with Holy Cross, extended its winning streak to four games by beating Lindenwood 43-20.

Other teams from Tennessee in the top 25 include Chattanooga at No. 14 and UT Martin at No. 21.

TSU is No. 3 in the Boxtorow HBCU FCS coaches poll behind No. 1 North Carolina Central and No. 2 Florida A&M.

Alysha Clark Day in Mt. Juliet is Nov. 11

Alysha Clark Day is Nov. 11 at the Fellowship in Mt. Juliet beginning at noon.

Mt. Juliet Mayor James Maness and Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto will be on hand to honor Clark, a former Mt. Juliet basketball star who helped lead the Las Vegas Aces to the 2023 WNBA championship.

It was third championship Clark has won in her nine-year WNBA career.

Clark also played at Belmont and Middle Tennessee State. She led the NCAA in scoring in her two years at MTSU and was inducted into the Blue Raiders Hall of Fame in 2020.

Music City Bowl tickets on sale

Ticket are now on sale for the 2023 TransPerfect Music City Bowl.

Tickets are available at or the bowl’s ticket portal on SeatGeek.

The 26th annual bowl is scheduled for 1 p.m. on Dec. 30 at Nissan Stadium featuring teams from the SEC and Big Ten. The game will be broadcast on ABC for the second straight year.

If you have an item for Midstate Chatter contact Mike Organ at 615-259-8021 or on X @MikeOrganWriter.

Garth Brooks' Black Friday honky-tonk grand opening will be a Prime Video broadcast

On Oct. 10, Garth Brooks announced another in a series of his "Dive Bar" "concert series events scheduled for the grand opening of his new Nashville bar and honky-tonk Friends in Low Places on Black...

On Oct. 10, Garth Brooks announced another in a series of his "Dive Bar" "concert series events scheduled for the grand opening of his new Nashville bar and honky-tonk Friends in Low Places on Black Friday, Nov. 24 at 7 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. CT. Today, Brooks has added that Amazon Music, his longtime partner for his streaming musical releases, will air the event as a Black Friday Amazon Music Live (AML) special.

The concert will air after Amazon's exclusive Prime Video broadcast of the National Football League's first-ever Black Friday game featuring the Miami Dolphins vs. The New York Jets live on Prime Video.

Prime Video will provide free access to Brooks' concert, even to those without a Prime membership or an Amazon account.

A press statement released by Brooks and Amazon Music notes that the Nashville event is sold out after having already earned over three million ticket requests from fans who have attempted to earn tickets via listening to the "The Dance" vocalist's new The BIG 615 TuneIn Radio station where Brooks stated he would award tickets to station listeners.

"Amazon Music Live and Garth Brooks are coming together for Black Friday after the game to livestream a special 'Dive Bar' concert from the grand opening of the Friends In Low Places Bar and Honky-Tonk in Nashville," said Brooks.

The statement notes that the concert will also air on Amazon's Prime Video and Twitch's Amazon Music channel, featuring Brooks debuting brand-new music from his forthcoming 14th studio album "Time Traveler," plus chart-topping hits, fan favorites and deep cuts.

A preshow for Brooks' concert event will be hosted by Amazon Music's Country Heat Weekly podcast hosts Kelly Sutton and Amber Anderson. The preshow broadcast will feature interviews and special guests and will air on Twitch's Amazon Music channel starting at 6 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. CT.

In a news release, Brooks said, "How do you open a Friends in Low Places bar??? With a Garth concert! This is going to be off the chain. Black Friday, brand new bar, in the home of Country Music...Hollywood couldn't write a better script. I can NOT wait!"

Brooks has played a series of Dive Bar concerts inspired by his 2020 single with Blake Shelton, "Dive Bar." Past stops for Dive Bar concerts included Joe's on Weed Street in Chicago and Buck Owens' Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, California.

Previous episodes of Amazon Music Live have featured a diverse set of top-selling artists, including Latto, Lil Durk, Metro Boomin, Peso Pluma and Ed Sheeran.


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